My Ironman Reschedule Rant

Guys, I’m beyond pissed! CDA sends me an email advising the 70.3 is pushed to 06 Sept. there’s no way I can get there that weekend. They give 11 options of changing venues all in the same time frame (roughly), or events that are out of my area. I want my money back, or they should keep my money, and offer athletes a spot somewhere else next year. I’m not too happy with Ironman right now!

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Obviously you have every right to be upset, but its the same they have done for the other postponed events. Next years race is a full so they are not offering a deferral. Its pretty rare of events of this sort (IE concerts to do a refund), but IMHO it nice they gave option out to St George May 2021.

My Calgary 70.3 (I was signed up for a relay and my partner for her first 70.3) was postponed with some rumors of it being pushed to Sept 6. That date simply doesn’t work and likely won’t work for most (if they even allow mass events to take place then), so I’ll need to postpone to next year or choose another venue. Except next year my partner is doing Challenge Roth, so end of July doesn’t work for a 70.3 … basically no win situation. With that said, waiting for official word on when the rescheduling is for, and what my options are.

I do however understand why they can’t give refunds, so that part does not upset me. No matter what, rescheduling/postponing this many events will cause headaches. I do not expect any events to happen before Oct/Nov in Canada, and I’m not too optimistic that we’ll be allowed to cross the border for pleasure by Sept long weekend…

I think there is a strong likelihood that events are still being cancelled in September


These are unprecedented times, obviously…and everyone is doing their best to work through it in the fairest way possible, IMO.

At the end of the day, you signed an agreement that basically said “no refunds”…yes, I realize that no one anticipated a pandemic, but WTC could give you zero options. Not all options are gonna work out for everyone, unfortunately and someone, somewhere is going to get the short end of the stick.


These agreements are apperently not in every country legal. In Germany lawyers say that if the event doesn’t take place as appointed, you get all your money back, even the cause is force majeure.


I share some of your feelings, not being able to take on other events this or next year due to work.

Considering that a lot of travel costs and other expenses will not be happening either due to the cancellation, I am taking that part as a win for another vacation (or n+1 ?)

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I’m just happy to not be a triathlete right now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I signed up for a good dozen Cycling events this year. Some really big, some small, local stuff. Obviously all have been cancelled or postponed to uncertain dates without refund.
But I’m almost certain that the entry fees of all of these events combined are still less than one Ironman event :money_mouth_face:


I’m not arguing the legality of it. It just pisses me off. I will never patron an Ironman event again. I’ll race locally, but never under the Ironman brand. Why Ironman is denying people to pay the difference of a half-to-full Ironman for next year is pure chicken crap. I can somewhat understand not giving full refund; however, I don’t agree with what they are doing. DISCLAIMER: I FULLY UNDERSTAND WHAT I SIGNED PRIOR TO SIGNING UP FOR SAID EVENT

My local marathon (which includes a bunch of other distances) offered a few different options for the cancellation, including a 70% refund. I was signed up for the Elk Lake Triathlon in Victoria and Dynamic Race Events cancelled their whole series–they offered 80% refunds as an option. It sucks that these larger Ironman events can’t offer up any refunds. The IM 70.3 Calgary and Great White North triathlon are still an unknown as to what’s happening with them other than being post-poned (looks like Calgary is trying to run over multiple days on the September long weekend?), but I don’t expect much from them at this point with how poorly they’ve communicated with athletes so far. Because of the level of communication and how early my marathon event and the Dynamic crew let athletes know the event wouldn’t be happening in order to keep athletes safe (especially for the swim in the triathlons since almost nobody has pool access and likely won’t anytime soon), I’m not requesting a refund in order to help support them through these times since they’re obviously going to suffer too.