Oceanside 70.3 2020 _ Registration Sold Out :(

Good Morning and Happy New Year all!

As I recently started planning for the 2020 races, (wasn’t able to get to this earlier due to illness). I noticed that 70.3 Oceanside is sold out, if anyone is not intending to race, please help a brother out!

Alternatively, any other suggestions to still race Oceanside in April?

Thanks in advance.

Sometimes the official travel partners have slots left when registration is already closed. Requires booking accommodation through them, but as a last resort it might be worth a try.

Ironman does not allow race transfers, so even if someone cannot do the race, there is no way to give you the entry.


Thanks! Good to know, I can officially give up now :slight_smile:

There are still options available to you. IM 70.3 Superfrog in Coronado is probably the closest and is in September . I hear amazing things about IM 70.3 Santa Rosa which would be in May. And IM 70.3 Arizona is fairly close is a great beginner course and is in October. Plus I am sure there are non IM branded events close by.

I didn’t fully register, but it doesn’t look sold out. Says “limited spots remaining”.

Thank you so much! Looks like they released a few more slots today. I checked yesterday and it was ‘SOLD OUT’.

So many thanks!!!

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