My first plan builder is coming to an end, what next?

I’ve been training since Jan, I had a multi-day A event last week and have one further A and B 100 mile events coming up at the end of May, beginning of June.

After that, my calendar is empty. My next goal is multi-faceted.

I plan on doing another Cycling Holiday at the end of September with a fair bit of climbing, but I also kind of just want to enjoy my bike outside over summer as much as possible - so training indoors is likely to be minimal.

I found this article that suggests doing another build phase if I’m not taking a significant break; How Do I Train After I Finish My Specialty Plan and Have No Upcoming Events?

But I also noticed that if I start another plan builder, that I go back to 12 weeks of base training.

If my primary goal is to just continue building my fitness, ftp and getting faster while enjoying summer as much as possible, what’s my best approach?

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Can you not just add the 8 week build plan instead using of using plan builder?

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I had a similar situation after my last A event, one main difference was that I had about 3-1/2 before I decided on another A-event. I took two weeks off of structured training completely and then I used plan builder to set me up for my next A event. Because I wanted to change things up and ride outside more often - I swapped the base and build phases for mid volume polarized. I previously complete MV SSB, and MV Grand Fondo. I didn’t want to repeat that process.
So far after two weeks of the polarized I have my two hard workouts a week and then Z2 workouts that I can do indoor but I’m doing them outdoor as much as possible. Like you, I want to ride outside. I think this at least maintain my fitness while allowing my to rest up with Z2 type rides and take a nice mental break from the shorter but more intense workouts. As the plan progresses, I will reassess and see what progress I am making. I can always change the plan up if I think it is necessary, but if I can make consistent gains with this approach than I’m going to take that opportunity. I think that you could do something similar and assess how it is going for you. One thing that does stay the same is the specialty period that leads up to your A-event, at least that is how I understand it works, and has worked out for me.


Thanks both, a lot to think about.

I like the idea of Polarised, but I also quite enjoy the sweetspot / threshold workouts. Because I’m heavy, Z2 rides aren’t the most fun on the rolling terrain where I live either :man_facepalming:t2:

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@mikehhhhhhh Based on what I’m hearing here, I think you’d be perfectly happy with the schedule that Plan Builder gives you. Yes, you will be in the Base phase for a few weeks, but you are certainly still going to be gaining fitness along the way, and the Sweet Spot Base phases have plenty of the Sweet Spot/Threshold workouts that you like.

This puts you a good way into the Build phase for your September holiday and doesn’t put too much pressure on your summer along the way. Sounds like a win-win situation to me! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, this is kinda what I thought but was unsettled by the term “base phase”

You’ve sold me on just doing another plan builder and going through base again.,

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I‘d consider taking 4 weeks off structured training and do something else like maybe chasing PRs up climbs or trying out new routes. Don’t bury yourself in your first year. September is a long way off and you won’t loose much (if any) fitness just riding 4 weeks off plan. This will recharge you mentally for the upcoming second part of the season.


Love this idea of just taking some time to ride how I want and enjoy it.

I had planned to take a week like that, but I think you’re right, mentally getting it out of my system while the weather is great might be just what’s needed to set myself up for the next plan.

Thanks :slight_smile:


If you want to skip Base you could backdate the start of your plan (even to the beginning of the plan you just created) and it will likely throw you into Build. That’s what I did and it worked. I had to delete the old plan though because it seems you can’t run two plans concurrently.