Feature Request: Plan Builder Skip Speciality

It would be awesome if you could skip speciality with a little checkbox in Plan Builder! I think skipping it is one of the common things people do if they do not train for events :slight_smile: Besides AT only works with PB, so you have to delete your plan and start a new one to use it with base-build-base-build plans.

OR do I miss something? If so please tell me! :slight_smile:


Not sure this will work as a hack, but try setting an A event well out on your calendar. Depending on that timing from your start date, you may get some Base to Build and Back to Base.

If you don’t set an event, I’d expect PB to apply the typical 3 phase approach.

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Hmm it could work, but it sure is a hack.

I mean they said a few times on the podcast that you can repeat base and build if you have no event. I think it would be a nice little feature to implement it into PB. It would benefit especially beginners I think

I do this, and use an Annotation to mark on my calendar when I plan to switch back to base or the off season.

I actually think this is a really good idea, and extend it to allow you to skip Build as well. I can see lots of situations where you might want to repeat Base before worrying about moving to Build as well…


As a variation of this, it would be nice to keep the specialty but skip the taper. The mixing in of higher intensity stuff is a good change of pace, but I end up bailing out and starting a new plan with like 2-3 weeks to go cause I dont need the taper when there is no event.

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Prior to plan builder I’ve done the same, but looking at my XC marathon plan for July next year there’s a couple speciality blocks but only the one before the race tapers.

So I’ve kept it in a some short efforts in that block will be a change from sweet spot and zone 2. Although I can see the point of skipping it and getting more base (which since I’m aiming for a 12 hour solo I’d probably think about).

Good news! Tested this out by I deleting my plan and events and re-building a plan with ‘Im not training for an event’, selected an end date, and I didnt get that taper for my last Specialty Phase!
This may have been a more recent update though, so maybe worth deleting + re-building plan to see those changes. :sunglasses:


Leading on from this, it might be useful for an option/question just to say something like “I want to focus on more base” or “I need to sharpen my power”, could be asked alongside the number of hours trained part of plan builder.

As I do have a goal event so will need to taper but it’s 12 months away which would allow me to focus on the fuel tank.

Worth a test, but I am pretty sure this is already largely possible.

If you ignore the labels (Beg, Int, Adv, Exp & their training history aspect) you can see those choices actually set an emphasis that PB will apply. So, if you want a focus on Base, choosing Beg should focus more on that phase. Int might be similar. Either one is worth a test compared to using Adv or Exp to see if it gives you a plan more to your liking.

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Yeah IIRC I set it to max base but still got 2 blocks. Happy for the second in the run up to the event mind you! Gonna need some short high power for sure.

If this is your plan then why not go to Training Plans and manually add them to your calendar until you are ready for Plan Builder or to add a Build.

I believe if you are using Adaptive Training then you currently have to use Plan Builder also. If you are not in AT, then yes you could just add training blocks ad-hoc until you want to target an event.

Also would like to see this. Specialty doesn’t do anything for me as a non racer, so while I could just build a plan through PB and then delete the specialty phase, it may or may not mess with AT, and may or may not make the plan less than ideal because that plan was built with specialty in mind and the base/build phases were certainly put together with specialty in mind at the end, so if PB knew I wasn’t doing specialty it would likely extend base/build and likely the intensity would be different too.

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because AT only works with plans and workouts added to your calendar via Plan Builder sadly…

This is a hack, but in the current state, for those wanting Base - Build - Repeat:

  1. Use Plan Builder and apply a plan from the current start (or backdate as desired).
  2. Choose the Beginner option.
  3. Pick no events in the options.
  4. Apply the training plan, which will give you the default setup (6 weeks of SSB1, 6 weeks of SSB2, 8 Weeks of Build). You will also get a Specialty of 8 weeks and whatever PB adds depending on when you set for a plan end date.
  5. Perform the training plan up to and thru the Build phase (20 weeks, aka 5 months worth).
  6. Once you get to that point where the Specialty phase would start, delete the entire training plan and then start over at Base phase by repeating steps above.

You can quickly populate nearly an entire year with two passes through Plan Builder once you include the option to delete and redo it. This is not to discount the feature request in any way, but offered as a relatively easy option for anyone wanting a Plan Builder option, so you can use it along with the AT beta from now until TR offers some other solution.

Edit to add:

  • Now that Adaptive Training is compatible with the manually added single training plan phase (aka ad hoc), it may be easier to simple add the desired training phases one at a time vs the process I shared above.

  • You can quickly add a Base, Build, Base, etc. from the old style method. Adaptive Training will respond to your completed workouts and surveys to adapt your plan, just like it would for Plan Builder. So that may be the easier option to handle doing plans without a Specialty phase as of today (May 5, 2022).


@Bigpikle Sorry in advance for my ignorance, but can you elaborate on why you might want to skip build and repeat base? I’m going through the TR base/build sequence for the first time this year. Thanks.

A couple of scenarios come tomind:

  1. you have loads of time before an event, so no need to rush into Build in order to be ready - I did this last year and just spent months focusing on building aerobic base (although outside and not with a TR plan)

  2. maybe no events at all and you can focus on developing that big base of aerobic capacity

  3. you might be a fairly new rider with little fitness, or perhaps just very new to structired training, and build a good foundation before moving to more intensity

However, the plans have been updated in the last few months and in some cases there now seems to be little difference between the Base and Build plans, so there may be less reason to do this in some case.

Cheers. I was planning on doing SSB1 > SSB2 > SusPB > Repeat, as I don’t race until late in the year. Is it worth me considering repeating SSB1 and 2?