Plan builder forces specialty phase - can I just do base/build?

Long term user here, would like to know if plan builder can build without a specialty phase? I have no events, just training for continued improvement against my own benchmarks. Would rather do base/build repeats… Other than just deleting the specialty phase, is there a feature to continuously cycle through base/build?

Thanks in advance!

Easiest way is probably to set your experience as Beginner. You can also modify each block to be something else after the fact.

Best way for that is use plan builder to get an idea of which base > build plans you should be in and then just add the plans separately on your calendar for the time being. Since you don’t have any specific events you probably don’t want to push to peak fitness just yet and planning too far ahead doesn’t really make sense. Add two base plans in order and then a build plan; that will get you 20 weeks down the road I’m sure a lot will change by then.

Good luck!

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I just finished build this week and didn’t want to do speciality so I redid plan builder with a fictional race date in the fall. It put be back into base and then build which is exactly what I was wanting to do.

Will see where the world is at when I finish that next build and repeat the same process if needed.

This is not an option at the moment. We find that athletes make the largest fitness improvements when they cycle through the full Base/Build/Specialty progression, so this is what we prescribe through Plan Builder. Athletes who just do Base/Build tend to platau earlier since they aren’t switching things up quite so much.

That being said, since you don’t have any target events, you can fairly easily add Base/Build phases to your Calendar one-by-one to build the program you’ve described :+1:.

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Thank you all for the responses! Very helpful input from you PB-Gurus!

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