Adaptive training outside workouts on Garmin with power

I’ve been on the Adaptive training for about 2 weeks now. Been doing all of my workouts outside Mid volume plain but adding maybe an hour to the end of the workout. Probably going over target #’s a little also.
1st question. Does going over count the same as under?
2nd adding time hurt against you?
3rd riding on a off day ?
Reason I’m asking seems like about every day my Progression Levels keep dropping. Also the suggested adaptation workouts is alway lower.
What would be my best option to get the most out of adaptive training?

Are you using the outdoor versions of the workouts on your plan, pushed to a Garmin, and filling in the post-workout surveys?

Currently, my experience is that outdoor workouts + AT has some issues and there isn’t a lot of margin for error.

Yes, outdoor workout push to Garmin but did forget to do the post workout survey. I went back and did all the ones I could

The survey that was waiting for you will also give you an indication as to whether AT is considering your workout a pass or fail. So if you got the “struggle” survey, AT considered that a fail.

There was previously an issue where all outdoor workouts would automatically be classed as a struggle. Dont know if its fixed yet but its likely that’s what caused the regression.