Adaptive Training not updating after workouts

I’ve recently completed both breakthrough (indoor) and stretch (outdoor) workouts using adaptive training but it has not updated my progress levels. Any else experience something similar?

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I guess I’ll see in a couple days, but I have seen my adaptations slow down. I’m unclear if this is it just working as designed and telling me to cool it or if it’s “not working.” But it is still beta so some bugs are normal.

I’d reach out to support here if you think it’s genuinely broken. Generally it checks for updates each time you load the Calendar or Career page.

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Have you moved any of your workouts around on the calendar? If you answered yes, it is likely that this is the issue. Moving workouts breaks them out of Plan Builder and removes them from being eligible for adaptations. So only move workouts on the day they’re scheduled to ensure all the adaptations that could have been made were made before you move it.

Is your plan made by plan builder? If you answered no, this is the problem. Adaptions only occur on plans built by plan builder.

Are you doing workouts outside? If you answered yes, depending on a handful of factors, adaptations for future workouts won’t be triggered by outdoor workouts, nor will the outdoor workouts increase your progression levels. Garmin currently works. Wahoo does not. There’s more nuance to this but it gets into the weeds too much.

Here’s an FAQ for more info: