When the weather finally changes

Hi, I’m sure there’s a post on this so if you could point me that way I’d appreciate it. However my question is

I’m 3 months in to a plan due to end July, doing a coast to coast ride about 160 mile, 9000ft climbing. Stuck at it all winter but now the weather has changed and I’m able to get outside much more and I’m missing workouts. How should I tackle this? Delete the workout, or just let adaptive training do it’s thing? Or maybe mark as complete. I did hear it mentioned on a pod episode but I can’t for the life of me find it again now.


I know you can associate and outdoor ride with a planned workout if you schedule the workout on the same day and mark it as outdoor

A couple of choices:

  1. In the calendar, mark the workout as outdoor, this will push it to your Garmin or Wahoo head unit and you can then do the workout as-is. You do need a compatible head unit and to have enabled syncing between TR and Garmin/Wahoo.

  2. Do a ride that is similar in intent to the scheduled workout. Then in the calendar open up the first dialog by clicking on the ride. You’ll have an option to associate the ride with a workout, the planned workout should be the only one suggested…