I’m doing a half marathon in 12 weeks so running 4/5 times a week, but not prepared to write off cycling for three months - so also doing SSLV (3 rides per week).

Doing people generally do a run/ride double day and then have a full rest day, or run one day and ride the next?

Three of the five weekly runs are easy paced efforts, one is a longer, easy run plus one hill/or pace session

Interested to know your preference

I get a better quality run session (or bike session) if it’s the first or only activity of the day.

I do an interval / faster session and my long run on a day without a bike and my easier shorter runs on bike days.

Most weeks I don’t have a day totally off but 1 day is just a swim and 1 day is just a short easy bike.



Typically, I split them into different days. I might swim the same day as a bike or run, but getting them on seperate days adds a lot of quality, I feel, vs just trudging through one. If I had to do it same day, I’d run first, preferably AM, and bike PM. If I had to do them back to back and wanted quality in both, well one, I’d accept that that’s not fully reasonable, but I’d still run first. Bike form doesn’t deterioiate in the same way that run form does. You don’t want to be forcing bricks on your body for no reason other than scheduling.

Cheers both. Double days will always be AM then PM, not immediately after…will try and schedule easy PM runs after AM bike sessions and do the tougher runs on a non bike day.

Still going to aim for two rest days per week (not back to back)

Easy days easy, hard days hard.

So if you’re doing double days match up your tempo/threshold runs/rides, your interval days.

Also check out the Run Less Run Faster protocol which I’m following for a marathon.

And maybe repost here


For my IM training, 2 per day is necessary to fit all the training in a week
and efficient if it’s a brick (1 less shower :grinning:).
I found it’s important to hit my run target that i do my long run (>2h) during the weekday with nothing else that day. In 2020, I intend to lengthen my brick - weekend long ride (so 45-90min run instead of 15-30).

Hard days hard. Swim days are the rest days. You will have to see how YOUR body responds and when you can do the best workouts.

Assuming that the half Mary is an A event and you want to do well at it, then you have to put bike and swim in maintenance mode. Growth will be all run. When I’ve done this, my only goal was not to lose swim fitness or ftp. Mount Field 2-3x per week will keep your FTP from sliding. If you care about swimming 3x2k with very little speed work maintains some fitness.
So for me the bike and swim were supplementary during those times. Mount field on my easy run days. Swimming on hard run days or rest days. Good luck.

It is an A event but I have a second A cycling event in August so trying to balance both… good shout on mount field

This is my first season running w/cycling so no swimming luckily. Perhaps next year if I have success combining two disciplines. I enjoy both running and cycling so this year should be achievable whereas I’m a terrible swimmer

2 of my 4 runs are Brick runs (straight off the bike)
1 run is on a swim day (swim morning, run evening)
1 run is on its own (long run day) or an optional swim day

I don’t mind running and biking the same day, but only if both are easy and relaitively short sessions. For quality workouts I try to space them out as much as possible, first combing one run or ride with a swim if it is going to be a double day.

Sometimes when I am not too badly fatigued I might follow a hard AM workout with a very easy recovery workout in the evening. Preferably a hard run followed by a reco ride, but vice cersa works too.

Since you said your half marathon is an A event, you’ll really want to lower the intensity of your cycling and having at least 1 rest day a week is probably best for you. So what I would do is this (shift your days around as necessary and how it fits your schedule)

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: AM Easy Run. PM Easy Bike
Wednesday: Hill/Pace Run
Thursday: Easy Run
Friday: “Longer but not too long or hard” bike
Saturday: Long run
Sunday: AM Easy Run. PM Easy Bike