Running plus Bike Racing

Good morning,
I have taken up running for the past few months, and am doing my first half marathon on Oct 20th. Never being a runner I have found that I actually enjoy it, but I’m really missing my bike at this point. I really don’t have a desire to do triathlons or duathlons, but I do want to keep running some. Prior to running I was doing the mid volume plans and specializing in Rolling Road Race and Crit plans. I’d like to continue with that type of training on my bike, so my question is what plans should I do after my half that will incorporate some running? The triathlon plans are very steady state heavy, and that’s not what I enjoy doing on a bike. Thanks in advance.

Just follow the normal riding plans you have been following, and add in a few (2-4 easy paced) runs a week. Most being 30 or less, one at maybe 45 min top. But again, all easy mileage.

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I follow mid vol plans and do 2-3 runs per week on top of the biking. I do duathlons, so I keep this schedule most of the season.

I simply add a 15-30 minute brick run after my hard Tue and Thu bike workouts. I will sometimes do the run first, but that is only when I get closer to an event and want to work on that direction for transition.

Then I add one long run (45-60 mins unless I am training for a longer run race) on the weekend that is not a brick, but well separated from the bike.

Those are generally “easy” runs unless I’m prepping for a race. At those times, I do some “speed” work once per week is all. You can get some ideas on those from the Tri plans.


I’ve been cyclist for about 5-6 years but only started running last few months and really enjoying it. Now got into some duathalons and great fun. I used to do mid volume plans (less easy ride so 4 rides a week). I now do low volume cycle plans and then add in 2-3 runs a week (about an hour each). I’ve found that ftp actually risen a little as more aerobic exercise overall.

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That’s what I was thinking. Do you find yourself struggling on long rides?

Take up triathlon :smiley:

I would just follow the same mid volume TR plans that you were doing in the past and keep a couple of easy runs going during the week. You’ll notice if you already haven’t, that a hard run really trashes your legs leading into a quality ride session. The opposite isn’t quite as bad from my experience, but still noticeable.

From my past experience trying to do them both well at the same time, it really is tricky. I ended up being pretty average at both when dabbling with duathlons a few years ago.

I still do 1 or 2 easy runs per week and it doesn’t seem to affect my cycling.

I don’t do any long rides to be honest. All my races (Sprint duathalons, 10/25mile TT, bit of cyclocross) are all about hour or less. Apart from races all my riding/training is inside on TR

When it’s not cross season I fit in two 2-3 mile runs/week, one on a hard day and the other on an easy one. During cross season (like now), I do just one run/week, but also concentrate on running that’s specific to cross as part of my cross practices.