Structuring running and cycling workouts/training

Looking for sample micro cycle (weekly?) schedules from intermediate to advanced athletes who run and cycle competitively.

I am particularly interested in how do you choose to place your workouts, easy runs/rides, how do you manage recovery and easy/hard days principle. Most helpful would be those putting in at least 80k(50mi) of running and 200k(130mi) cycling.

It seems to be pain/impossible to have more than three quality days per both sports and than still manage the volume AND have easy days easy.

Any insights more than welcome!


The last 4 weeks at least, probably 8 but I was just using Strava summary to check, I’m averaging 234km on the bike and 50.4 miles run (plus 2 or 3 swims a week).

Despite doing my hard work on the bike, it’s my running that’s coming on best. So well in fact I plan to sneak in a 5km before my A race to see exactly where things are.

Ignoring the swims my general structure has been

M: Rest
T: VO2 on TR am and an easy run pm
W: Medium distance run of about 10 to 15 miles
Th: High aerobic on TR (sweet spot or threshold or O/Us) + either a run to make it a brick (sometimes tempo paced) or an easy run later
F: Easy run
S: Long ride am + easy run pm (occasionally as a brick)
Sun: Long run am + recovery ride pm


Thank you @mathlete76!

That’s interesting and helpful, your quality comes from cycling and running is at lower intensities. Will be interested to hear how your 5K goes!

What triathlon events do you focus on? Half/full ironmans or something shorter? Maybe for longer tri events running quality could be somewhat less important, since the pace after swim/bike legs will be comparatively slower than when competing in running only events and muscular endurance and general endurance are very much key for such long races.

I am looking to focus on road running races below 10k and short road cycling races at or below 50mi (80K), if anyone else have their schedules or thoughts to share, please feel very much welcome!

And what about duathlons? run bike run :stuck_out_tongue: