Most important workouts of the week

I thought it was interesting to hear @Nate_Pearson say on the most recent podcast that Tuesday and Saturday are the most important workouts. And Thursday would behind them (I think that holds for bot LV and MV).

Im doing LV and supplanting with endurance workouts and extending 1 hour workouts with endurance. I’m thinking about flipping the Thursday and Saturday workouts so when the weather gets better, I can ride outside both weekend days and not miss the key workouts.

Has anyone tried this? Any thoughts?

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Not exactly sure what you are asking but, a typical fatigue dependent plan looks like this: Monday off; Tuesday most intense and shortest intervals, Wednesday less intense slightly longer intervals, Thursday least intense yet longest intervals; Friday off; Saturday long ride and lots of TSS (relative to your ramp rate); Sunday similar to Saturday if possible.

So…while I didn’t listen to the podcast I do agree Tuesday is important as the highest intensity intervals can be the hardest to manage. And Saturday is important to get the longer ride/TSS built in to fatigue those type 1 fibers and get the type 2 fibers engaging more and more as you fatigue…

The LV plan that I’m looking at isn’t really designed like this just because it’s so LV. As long as you can handle the increased TSS and complete the prescribed work hell yes do it.

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the one you are currently in the middle of doing is the most important one.


I have swapped the Thursday and Saturday rides as a default modification for the last 2 years on TR.

  1. I fought the default setup for Saturday workouts the beginning of my Base 2 years ago. I had a harder time hitting those for some reason. So I swapped Thu/Sat and have been happy since.
  2. I have more time on Thursday evening and seem to handle those Saturday workouts better on Thursday evening. My RPE and HR are much lower with the same basic efforts done at night.

Totally worth a try and see how it works for a week or two at least.

I switched the days, so I do the workouts in order M, T, W, Thursday off, Fri, Sat Sunday Off. In SSB MV, the Over/Under ends up on Friday, so it’s preceded by a complete rest day. So far it’s been manageable. I took a rest week after the first 2 weeks, but I’m planning to just finish it out.

Consistency is the name of the game. They are all important.

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I do high volume: Monday (easy) - Tuesday - Wednesday (easy) - Thursday - Saturday - Sunday

Saturday and Tuesday have switched spots with each other from the start of the plan due to not having time restrictions on Tuesday evenings.

Sometimes the plan gives me 2h sworkouts on Thursday and 1.5h on Tuesdays, I generally switch these.

Never bothered to think which workout is the most important, they’re all about the same in TSS if they’re the same in length.

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The rest day(s). That’s when you actually improve.

Consistency and recovery are great, but they are not really the focus of this question. People seem to be getting stuck on the thread title and OP opening related to the cast comment. However, there is no interest in dropping or substituting workouts here.

The question in the OP is specifically about swapping workout days.

Exactly. Nate said he thought Tuesday and Saturday workout are the key workouts. So if I’m going to replace the Saturday workout with an outdoor ride, I’m thinking I should switch the prescribed Saturday ride to Thursday so I don’t miss it. And thus I’m replacing the prescribing Thursday workout with the Saturday ride.

I had never heard @chad @Jonathan or @Nate_Pearson say this before. If doing MV, then obviously the Wednesday endurance ride is the “least important.” But I was focusing on the three key hard days.

Hope that clears it up. And thanks @mcneese.chad for chiming in

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‘still looking’ as far as subscribing for TR. And this is a bit of a divergence from OP. Just noting ‘an issue for me’ that is probably too rare in the population to warrant a feature request].

This is not good news for me, or at least ‘complicates things’. My sleep-wake cycle is in “sleep disorder” territory, and very habituated. [specifically, it matches the symptoms of “non-24 sleep-wake disorder” - apparently rare in someone with any light sensitivity; but “I’ve done all the wrong things”]
A “normal” 7x24hr week is, for me, more like 6.4 x26hrs. My “day” creeps roughly 2 hours a day (sometimes more, rarely less). This means my time needs to be ‘unstructured’ compared to the rhythms of most folks [because fixing this is not really an option].

I’m sure I’ll figure it out. But would be ‘thrilled’ to see some flexibility in what is considered a “day”
[or even stuff geared to accommodate shift workers… which is/was an existing feature request…]

Once you choose a plan, it’s super easy to move workouts around day-day. It’s been said before that the order isn’t super improtant, but putting 2 tough wourkouts next to each other isn’t optimal.

I have a random travel schedule so on Sunday night generally shift workouts around for the following week.


Right the actual day of the week doesn’t matter at. The default days for LV are Tuesday Thursday and Saturday. So people usually refer to them at the Tuesday workout or Thursday workout. What this means is the prescribed worked in the default setting. You can move around the days which I am considering.

100% you should sign up for TR. Best cycling investment I have made.


It’s looking pretty likely at this point. Reassurances about flexibility of schedules really helps, ty.
I need to figure how I’m going to arrange various things at this end, but presuming that can be managed … “soon”. :slight_smile:

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why not just do the key workout outside?