LV - Tues/Wed/Thurs?

I appreciate that this might mostly depend upon the individual but has anyone had success on a low volume plan and cramming in their three workouts to Tues/Wed/Thurs?

The reason for me wanting to do this was so I can ride on the weekend unstructured and have a rest day before and after it. I mean ideally, there would be more days in the week but :crazy_face:


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I’m on low volume too, I’ve gone back and forth on balancing fun weekend rides vs. workouts. It’s a bit easier in the winter with the bad weather but it’s going to be tough once it gets warm.

You might be able to do T/W/Th in the early days of the plan, but I just hit power build and this week’s plan was V02 (Tues), Sweetspot 10 min intervals (Thurs), then LeConte (10 mins SS / over unders with 1 min of rest before hitting the next 10 min interval - Sunday).

Maybe you can, but there was no way I could do all 3 back to back, I would have been cooked 10 mins into LeConte.

I think the guidance would be to just drop the 3rd workout and substitute for your weekend ride.

I’m also thinking of playing around with the plan by doing the Vo2/SS workout Tues, do an easy ride Wed then hit the longer 90 min workout Thursday, rest Friday then hit the weekend rides. We’ll see how it goes.

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I think cramming them all in on consecutive days would be tough.

If you’re willing to be flexible, then just spread the workouts out over a period longer than a week.


M - rest
T - week 1 ride 1
W - rest
Th - week 1 ride 2
F- rest
weekend - outdoor rides
M - rest
T - week 1 ride 3
W - rest
Th - week 2 ride 1
etc etc


I did SSB-LV1 on a M-W-F schedule, with endurance pace rides T, Th, and an unstructured “social” ride outside (or on Zwift) on Saturday. It worked well for me.

I have done this successfully for the past year. I have been through LV SSBI, SSBII, SPB, Specialty Climbing Road Race, then HIT. I am repeating this series and currently in SPB. Here is my typical schedule…

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - LV ride 1
Wednesday - LV ride 2
Thursday - LV ride 3
Friday - Add 1 hour Z2 on trainer or 1.5-3 hours outside ride
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Outside ride anywhere from 3-6 hours

Sometimes I take a rest day on Friday then do outside rides on Saturday and Sunday.

If you are riding once on a Saturday, it is doable with rest days.

M, W, Th on Trainer, Sat outdoors. (Or Tu, Th, F on trainer, Sun outdoors).

If you are riding outdoors both Saturday and Sunday, then a bit harder, as you likely will need some recovery between 3 intense days. Look at the week tips for susbtituting one of the trainer rides for outdoors.

That kind of stacking is good to do on occasion, so you’re body knows what a stage race or training camp might feel like, but it sounds (actually, I know it is) pretty miserable to do every week.

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I do a mid volume plan that does Tues,Wed&Thu when it’s not freezing I tend to ride outdoors at the weekend substituting Threshold + workouts for sub threshold and in non covid lockdown times they would be substituted entirely for group rides. The plan let’s me have rest days before and after the weekend rides. That could be an option?

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This is interesting. How do the MV mid week workouts differ from the LV workouts?

I’m playing around with scheduling LV too.

I was doing the Tues & Thursday LV rides and a 3-4 MTB ride on sundays but I wanted to add more training in so currently I’m doing the following:
M - Rest
T - LV1
W - Rest
T - LV2
F - LV3
S - Rest
S - 3-4 hr MTB

Various strength work is sprinkled throughout the week too.

I’ve done it before. Okay short term, quality of training suffers long term.

Better to move the Saturday workout to Thursday and pick one of the other workouts to do on Tuesday, whichever better suits your goals.

They are tending just now throw lighter session in on Wednesday so its throwing up something like.

M - Rest
T - IF 0.82-0.92
W - IF 0.5-0.68
T - IF 0.82-0.92
F - Rest
S - Plan 0.80-0.89/ outdoors 0.79-0.80/ Group Ride
S - Plan 0.75-0.88/ outdoors 0.68-0.75/ Group

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I did that for quite a while. I was fine in the base, but the intensity was too high during Sustained Power Build and I made the ‘least important’ ride optional.

Schedule for SSBLV I/II: Mon: Lazy Mountain, Tues: LV1, Wed, LV2, Thur: LV3: Fri: Lazy Mountain: Sat: 3-4 hr z2, Sun: 2.5-3hr z2

Schedule for SusPB: Mon: Lazy Mountain, Tues: LV1, Wed: Pettit, Thur: LV3, Fri: LV2 (optional or LM or Pettit -1), Same Sat/Sun

Key is to listen to your body and make sure you are recovering. Identify the high priority workouts and hit them hard. Its okay to skip a workout or do z1/z2 if you need recovery, I found it best not to push through if my legs felt smashed. Intensity in build phase required more recovery time than TSS might indicate.

I’m with @Craig_G on this. Stacking the workouts in SSB is fine but I can’t do it in Sustained Power Build. This week is a case in point.

Monday: 8hrs doing physical work.
Tuesday: VO2max workout (custom hard start 6x3 intervals) bailed halfway through the first interval! My legs were just toast from the work the day before. Did Baxter-2 instead.
Wednesday: Washington+4, went OK apart from onset of cramp during the 4th interval so cut things short.
Today: Started Fish-2 but just a couple of minutes into the first interval my legs were complaining. Bailed and pushed the workout out to Saturday when I might make it an outdoor workout depending on the weather here in the UK.

For me the supra-threshold workouts need at least a complete day’s rest to be able to hit a workout at SS or above. Endurance/SS workouts can be stacked much more readily.