More Customizable Training Plans

I have been going through the many plan options and found several issues with the “customizable” plans not being, customizable. My issues are that you can’t (or I haven’t figured out) how to adjust the plan to account for runs (without selecting triathlons and having swims on the schedule), adjust the scheduled intensity (e.g., default of easy, moderate, hard), target four rides per week (only gives three or five), and incorporate a weekly Friday night group ride (C-events need to be at least six weeks out). Has anyone else uncovered a workaround for these issues? Personally, I think it would be great if a customizable plan allowed for the selection of a number of rides per week, inclusion of other planned workouts, and the ability to add recurring events.

As for some background, if it helps, I am looking to the following:
Cycling four days per week (one is optional).
Running three days per week.
Lifting one to two days per week on hard days.
Two to three hard workouts per week (one run and one to two bike).
Friday night group ride is about 75 minutes of active ride time (90 minutes total) and rotates through a lot of intensity zones so it’s hard to substitute a specific workout.

Once again, I would appreciate any guidance you may have on workarounds for training plans.


  • Not possible at this time other than what you mentioned (tri option).
  • Sadly, you have to choose 3 and add one manually, or chose 5 and skip/delete one as the workaround here.
  • It’s best to add those as “Races” (C-level like you mention) to the calendar before starting the Plan Builder operation. Recurring Events is an open Feature Request, IIRC.

Chad (the other one),

I appreciate your response and confirming the limitations around the customizable plans. Hopefully, that’s something TR can improve upon over the next year or two.

Best wishes,

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