Modifying HIM plan - 3 weeks off the bike


I’ve been using TR for a while now, and I’m now building a plan for a HIM.
Planning to go SS base mid, HIM build mid, HIM spec. mid vol.

I have a total of 25 weeks for this plan, with a problem - I have a work issue where I have to travel and can’t take a trainer\bike with me, and it’s 3 weeks in the middle of the build (first week of travel is week 4 of HIM build plan).

How would you suggest to alter the plan, assuming I can cross train there (running, gym work, maybe some MTB outside- don’t want to rely on that.)


Hey @Regevbs!

We have an article that covers training interruptions that will help you nail down what to do next :+1:

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The plan part is the easy bit. You replace the bike training load as best you can with whatever you’ve got. You’re unlikely to have power (unless you luck out and find a hotel with a wattbike, happened to me once…) so use your indoor sessions before the trip to calibrate your HR and RPE to power zones. Use whatever equipment is closest to cycling. MTB or spin bike is best, then a gym bike, if there’s no manner of pedaling available then in my experience rowing fitness translates remarkably well to cycling and you can nearly always find a Concept 2 somewhere. Assuming you might struggle to replace the volume on the bike it’s a good time for a run /swim focus, just don’t do anything daft like doubling your run volume in a week and injuring yourself.

The much harder bit is the mental side. Focus on what you can do, not on all the training you’re missing. 3 weeks isn’t long and if you can keep up the swimming and running and do something vaguely bikelike you will be fine. And avoid all the temptations of travel - tends to be a lot of rich and sugary food and drinks freely available when you’re on planes and in hotels! That’s normally what messes me up more than the training disruption.

Do you have time to still do the build weeks after you return? That would allow to just do some maintenance run/gym bike and hit it again afterwards without too much of a Loss.

Otherwise I’d suggest to cut away from specialty.