Half IM (June '21) Training Prep Help

Planning for a HIM this June 6, 2021
First time relying on TR for 100% of the prep (worked with a coach before the pandemic).

Did the HIM Base Low Volume primarily to keep myself active during the quarantine. Last December I started the HIM Build Low Volume and that cycle ends this week.

For the experienced and more knowledgeable out there, couple of questions:

  1. I was planning to continue my training with the Build Mid Volume for the next 8 weeks. That should cover me until March. Then move to the Specialty Phase Mid Volume in April for another 8 weeks. That should take me to end of May and the following week is the taper week before the race on the 6th of June. Does this plan make sense?

  2. I wanted to put Recovery weeks between the training plans. How should the Recovery Weeks look like (seems TR plan doesn’t have that in the cycle)?

Yep the timeline sounds okay.

The recovery weeks are built in even if it doesn’t necessarily look like it. If you read the week tips for week 4 of build for example, it says stuff like:

“Only a total of 12 minutes of VO2max work this week, and it comes in a relatively friendly format since the concern is more about maintaining fitness and absorbing improvements. The intensity is set at 120% but you can reduce these as far down as 110% and still maintain the workout’s objectives pretty well. So if your fatigue is high and you know it, err on the side of caution and trim the intensity a bit today.”

There are other similar comments about the other bike and run workouts too. You’ll also notice the kick sets on the swim workouts disappear during recovery weeks.

I personally wouldn’t add further weeks of recovery, but you’ll have a better idea of what you personally need to promote your recovery. You can always personalise the suggested adjustments even more. Make sure to keep up high quality nutrition and sleep during the recovery week too!

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This is basically what I’ve just done. I’d did do mid-volume for all three phases and I’ve just finished my B race with six weeks to go before my A race. Both half distance tris.

My swim and run both suck but that is just because until recently I’ve been purely a cyclist. The triathlon plan certainly has got me prepared well for the bike leg.

If you’re worried about the programme just use PlanBuilder?

Great to hear! Started with the Low Volume because of very minimal training due to the lockdown we had at the height of the pandemic. Needed to start slow and get back to the thick of things.

I think my swim will suck as well coz we don’t have any of the pools open yet and open water is a long driver to be able to train in-week and even on weekends. Been trying to stick with the Run schedule as best as I can and also trying to incorporate some Z2/MAF Running method. So hopefully I do better than my last HIM.

Not confident that I can come up with a better schedule with the Plan Builder than what TR has (LOL). Will stick with the Build Mid Volume and Specialty Mid Volume for the rest of my training then. But I’ll be doing a recovery week this week before the grind happens again :laughing:

Been seeing some comments about “Week Tips” and I was looking for it but for some reason I am looking at the wrong place cause I can’t find it :thinking: Where do I find it?

I access it from the web, go to your training plan of choice (screenshot is Half Distance Build, LV) and click the +Week/Swim/Run Tips

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Saw it. Thanks :+1:

I do mean TR’s Plan Builder… Good luck with the training. All those long steady state workouts are great in the end.

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