Modifying a workout after it's started

hi champions, question about making a dynamic change to a session.

Yesterday I did something called Dade +5. After the intervals it gave me a 15 minute endurance level ride and total time was 1:30. I felt good after the intervals and wanted more endurance but couldn’t figure out how to do that. When it got to cool down mode I added 10 minutes at a time but the power ramped lower.

What is the best method of just adding more time in a certain zone to an active workout?


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There are have been feature requests/ideas raised here before but nothing implemented as of yet.


Just increase the intensity to your desired wattage and go from there at the end, i.e. 100% → 120%


If you are riding on a smart trainer then you have a couple of options.

  1. you can remain in ERG mode. Extend the cooldown like you did before and then increase the intensity of the workout until the power target reaches your desired level.

  2. You can switch over to resistance mode and ride like a normal ‘dumb’ trainer. Extend the cooldown like you did before and then shift gears to get to your desired power target.


One way to do it…Step one, extend cooldown**

Step two, adjust intensity***…(you can do this with the up/down arrows on the keyboard)



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thank you! this is what I did - just didn’t know if there was a less cumbersome way to do it yet. Appreciate everyones input.