Feature request: Extend Cool Down at specific power level

It would be very nice if i could extend the wo at a specific power level.
I usually do an extra 15 minutes on most wo (time depending) at about 70% ftp.
The problem is that most wo end on a ramp down cool down, so i have to constantly adjust the % so the power doesnt drop.

So if i could add, say x minutes @ n % of ftp, even before the wo starts, that would be an amazing feature.

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Hey, Joel!

You can do this in Workout Creator! It for sure takes some time, but you can clone the ride and add an extra 15 min of work at 70% and the TSS will even reflect accordingly! Its not the quickest method but definitely would meet the need of what you’re looking for!


I guess i could that. My only problem as you said, is time. It would required me to clone a lot of wo, plus knowing if i want to extend or not the wo before modifying it.

I am looking for a more adhoc solution: If i have time for an extra 15 or even 20 on a specific day I would like to have the option of extending the cd, 15 (or 20) minutes at 70% ftp.


A great idea, I agree!

One benefit of still riding a “dumb” KK Road Machine–I can just ride my cool-downs how I want to! :joy:

ETA: Having not used a smart trainer, would it be easy enough to take it out of Erg mode for “free riding” the cool-down? Or is that not easily done on the fly?

I agree this would be such a good addition to TR. I am always crying out for this.

Would be great if during cool down you could just enter in a % of ftp or just raw numbers.

  • Swapping trainer modes is easy for Win/Mac (on screen control via mouse, as well as ‘T’ key to swap) but more difficult on mobile (lots more steps to make the same change, but possible at least).

This makes sense, wanting to extend those cooldowns definitely cant be planned in most scenarios! While I think that it would likely take a lot of moving parts to get a feature in place that allows athletes to insert intervals at the time and intensity that they identify on the fly, I’ll definitely let our team know that its been requested!


I recall other threads on this where the ask is as simple as being able to crank up intensity to a rough zone 2 level (during an extended recovery) without having to hammer the ‘+’ button for intensity a zillion times (esp on mobile)


I think that goes along with the prior feature request, yeah! Passed along to the team for consideration to see if they can work it in. Thanks!

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