Adjusting mid workout

A few Qs on adjusting workouts once started.

I often find I would like to add on 15+ mins endurance at the end of a tough workout. I am aware some of the + workouts have this, However i judge how I feel mid workout so too late to select.

  1. Is there a way to add on endurance like there is to add on cool down? Or do I need to add cool down and up the %?

  2. is there a way to add on an interval. I did eclipse + 3
    Yesterday and fancied another interval.

  3. How is best on an iPad to reduce the recovery between intervals. When I try and pause the ride and manually forward the workout it’s quite fiddly.

I feel with all the above it would be great if there were simple selection options like with the warm up and cool down (there could even be one for extending intervals eg if feeling good and wanted to change a 3x20 SST to a 3x25).


Workouts are like they are for a reason - to give you a certain amount of stress but not too much so you are ready for the next one in the block. Fatigue can build up, so that you start failing weeks later.

That having said, I am not aware of adding more warmup tins, but you can extend cool down.

What I often do, is do a short endurance or active recovery ride of 30m right after and stop earlier if I want to but record it to my account.

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  1. You can extend the warmup or cooldown and increase the intensity. There’s no “give me more time at N%” option right now, but I think people have asked for it.
  2. Not from within a workout, but you can use the workout creator to build a custom workout beforehand.
  3. That’s it.

They are, and sometimes the reason is “this is the most efficient use of an hour of your time right now”. If I have more than an hour, I add on endurance all the time. The TR coaches haved repeatedly suggested extending the cooldown on existing workouts as a way to increase low-fatigue training volume.

  1. You can extend the warmup or cooldown and increase the intensity. There’s no “give me more time at N%” option right now, but I think people have asked for it.

Wouldn’t riding in resistance mode work for for this? Just add the cool-down and ride where you want? There’s a pro for my dumb trainer, I guess. Add 10+ minutes, ride at whatever pace I want, then cool down.

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Yeah definitely. On Android, swapping to resistance mode from ERG is slightly more fiddly with sweaty fingers than hitting the + button a billion times.

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I completely agree, I also do that. Just trying to say don’t overdo it or you might get overtrained without knowing it.


There’s also the free ride “training” on TR without resistance/ERG. Just use gears and ride however you please.

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Go the workouts page and at the bottom of the page there’s an option called “Custom.” Click on yes and it takes you to a page where work customize any of the 1000+ TR workouts…add intervals, lengthen intervals etc. You can take TR workouts and tweak them to suit you.

OOOps. I see someone already suggested this method.

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If I want to add more, I end the workout after the last interval and load Recess. Ramp up the intensity to match your endurance zone. It would be nice if the intensity control was a bit nicer to use in the iOS app though…

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Thanks I like this idea

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