Modified Training Program

With fall looming just around the corner, I’m starting to get pretty excited for another season of indoor training. With that in mind, of course, I’m struggling to find my ‘special snowflake’ plan, SSB LV, or SSB MV. I’ve used both with positive results.

My question is, what are some thoughts on using the SSB LV workouts, but fitting them into the SSB MV schedule. Obviously this would shorten the plan, since it would be five workouts per week rather than three, and may also be too much intensity. But, I do like the idea of having each day be different, i.e. V02 wouldn’t always be Monday, and Sunday wouldn’t always be a long slog.


So what I think you’re saying is, take Tue, Thu, Sat, Tue, Thu of Low Volume, and stick them into Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun, and just keep going like that?

I think the only trouble is that these workouts are designed to be done (on a regular basis at least) with a day’s rest or an easy day in between them. What you’ll end up with is a kind of Mid Volume except that Wednesday is pretty hard as well.

I’m sure you could just do the mid-volume plan but mix things up a bit if you wanted to. Have a little shuffle.