SSBLV2 - Compressing Schedule and Adding 4th Week Recovery

Please let me know your thoughts on my plan modification ideas. What I have done is:

-Move workouts closer by eliminating the 2 day break that happens every week
-Added a recovery period after 3 training weeks
-Repeated the 5th week of the plan twice before the final recovery period at plan’s end to maintain the overall duration of the plan.

My Rationale:

-I seem to recover well from a day’s rest between hard workouts; adding volume from back to back rides does not seem to work as well for me.
-My work schedule does not impact my training schedule, so there is no need to tie workouts to specific days during the week.
-I can handle more volume than the low volume plan provides.
-I’m not as young as I was years ago and a recovery period after 3 hard weeks is beneficial for me.

Curious to see the replies to this post. I scheduled something very similar on my calendar last week.

I’m starting with 4 weeks of traditional base 1 - mid volume, rolling into SSB1&2 - LV on a six day training week schedule. I haven’t added additional recovery weeks to my plan. I wanted to give this a shot because 3 sessions/7 day week didn’t seem to be enough for me but the MV 5 sessions/7 day week was a bit much. Days of the week have nearly no meaning in my world right now. My kids are on remote learning and I work from home - every day is Blursday.