Somethings not quite right somewhere

Hello everyone, first time post so I’ll keep it short.

I’ve just completed a 12 week block of structured base training, helped by a mate who races, really enjoyed it and managed to push my FTP up by the end. I’ve set that FTP on Trainerroad and I just can’t get anywhere near it. Legs absolutely on fire.

I’ve had a couple of weeks off so I’d expect it to drop slightly but not to the extent I’m struggling. What are my best options please, do an FTP and start again at base? Or build phase?

Sorry meant to mention I did the ramp and suffered the same way, legs on fire again within 10 mins. Any help will be much appreciated



How was your FTP measured previously?

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Elite direto and the suggested settings on my Garmin 1030

I’d use plan builder to … well build your plan. It will ask you some questions about your recent training, then start you off with a ramp test to set an FTP on which to base your workouts. It doesn’t really matter what your previous number was. What matters is where you’re at right now, using this tool.


Cheers, will it be vastly different between software despite me using the same power meter?

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I don’t know. It probably depends a lot on how you tested before, how long ago it was, and what’s changed between then and now. It really doesn’t matter. What matters is the FTP you get today, and the workouts based on that number, right?


That’s why I’m asking. Cheers.

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Couple weeks is a LOT of time to not train and the drop is very normal. If I take full 2 weeks off of training it would take me at least couple months to get back to my peak level. (If I took the 2 weeks off at peak obviously)

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Yes, do a ramp test. And maybe do a couple of weeks of SSB2 to get back into the swing of things and then start build?