Missing time during a training block

Really enjoying my first week+ of TrainerRoad. I’m doing SSB mid level 1. Looking ahead, the end of the training block is thanksgiving and I’ll be away and unable to train for up to a full week. I could pop into a gym and use a spin bike but I don’t know how helpful that would be. Is there anything to do other than just take a week off and start back up when I’m able?

If you’re in week 2, Thanksgiving puts you into week 6 of SSB, which is recovery week anyway, so you’re good to go.

Doing something rather than nothing on the bike would be a good idea.

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Good point, I didn’t think to look too closely at the actual week’s workouts. Great…looks like I can do some other things, maybe even ride a spin bike to keep my legs pedaling a little, recover, and then move to the next block. :+1: