Opinion on transition to SSBLV2

I am off the entire week of Thanksgiving. that just so happens to be week 6 of SSBLV1 which is a recovery week. During the week that I am off I plan on hitting the mountain bike trails as much as I can. I’m not sure that it will be much of a recovery week. Should I just go out and hammer off the miles on the fat bike and resume the recovery week after Thanksgiving? Or should I just start in with SSBLV2 . Not sure how much I will thrash my legs on the fatty.

For me, this is a no-brainer.

Enjoy the holiday, enjoy getting out and riding your bike. Rest week can wait.

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@PusherMan so you think I should still take the rest week if I don’t hammer the mountain bike rides to hard? Might be best to rest then regardless I guess.

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I think you should push the recovery week back and rest after your week of mountain biking.


Assuming you’re not at deaths door after the previous weeks training then go and have fun on the mtb and push the rest week back by a week.