Minor plan builder issues

I’ve scrolled through the plan builder posts but couldn’t find what I was looking for. I came across two (minor) issues when using Plan builder.
Quick back ground. I’m competing in a Olympic Distance triathlon the 23rd of February and a 100km XCM MBT race 2nd of May.

Initially I made the XCM race my A race and the triathlon B priority, but by doing this plan builder didn’t generate any runs / swims leading up to the triathlon. I understand the focus on the bike if your A race is a XCM but I would expect some running/swimming leading up to a triathlon when marked as B race. Fixed this by both making them A races so not a big issue.

Second thing I noticed is the lack of ramp tests in my newly generated plan. I would have expected to start with a ramp test but the first test is only at the start of the specialty phase leading up the the XCM. Also easily fixed as you can manually add/replace rides.

Like I said just two minor things I came across but like to hear your thoughts and might be something they can look at.

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