Might be getting sick, push through?

Looking for some outside opinions here. Currently at the end of week 3 ssbmv2. I might have the the potential beginnings of a cold/respiratory bug due to exposure from some people around the house and at work. I was able to knock out carpathian peak +2 yesterday, but Ive had a tickling cough the last couple of days that hasnt got worse, but also won’t go away.

I love the 2 hour sweet spot sessions because of the endurance they help build, but should I skip Juneau -1 today, rest on Monday and see how feel for Tuesdays VO2 session? I don’t like skipping sessions, but I also have read how sickness has set some people here back. Just looking for some advice/opinions/affirmation. Thanks.

Edit: I know the “above the neck your ok, below the neck rest” saying. I’m just unsure because all I have right now is a cough.

Above the neck: good to go.
below neck: take the day off.

edit: well pardon me.


You could throw in AR to not completely lose a day but if you don’t feel back the you need too.

Sorry, not trying to take shots at anyone. I meant to put that edit in my post. I’m just not sure where a cough falls on that chart.

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Below. Do you live in cold climate? Crank up a humidifier tonight if possible.

I said that jokingly. You good.