Post sickness retun to TR after FTP increase

So last Saturday I finished SSB1LV. I immediately booked SSB2LV into my calendar and moved the Ramp Test up to the next day: Sunday. On Sunday I took the Ramp Test which suggested a new FTP of 275 (from 259).

On Monday I got sick and have been full of snot since then - a condition which is continuing today, but at least finally there was some improvement today. It hasn’t gone to my bronchi nor lungs, but it has kept me from TR. No cough, no fever, no sore throat…just snot.

I am facing Kaweah tomorrow, which seems like my first threshold interval workout at the new FTP, and it is 90 minutes. All the signs are there that I will fail it and I understand TR now tells you if you failed a workout - that would be a bad record to have!

Should I push it off or go for it? I’ll just hang a bucket under my face…


If your sickness is only in your head then go for it - your performance shouldn’t be impacted - no excuses!

If your sickness is in your chest do not workout until you are better

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Perhaps I can defer SSB2LV and just do Kaweah -2 or Kaweah -1 as a standalone workout to see what I’m dealing with? Failing workouts has a bizarre effect on me. When I failed Monitor I hated all reptiles that whole week…

If you’re full of mucus, don’t risk it. You can suck whatever is in your head down into your lungs under heavy load and you can relapse. Best approach after an illness is start with something easy - 1hr aerobic (like 55-60%), if that goes well do 1.5 hours aerobic the next day, 2 hours the day after that, and continue 1.5-2 hours/day until you’re free of symptoms. Ride 1 more day aerobic when your’re asymptomatic before resuming your training plan - start at -5% and each day increase 1% until you’re back on track.

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Good point! Thank you! I was starting to get fired up after encouragement from @trpnhntr


Not sure where you’re getting this info from. There is no harm in “failing” a workout. Fear of failure should not determine what workouts you do.

Why has it kept you from all TR? You could’ve at least done aerobic rides, maybe with a box of Kleenex next to the bike.

If you’ve been off the bike for a few days, a little sick and have a new higher FTP, you’re likely to feel flat and that threshold workout may be a struggle. I’d suggest either use a minus version or substitute SS to get you back into training mode. You don’t want to bury yourself with a compromised immune system and turn your runny nose into a full blown sickness lasting weeks. Listen to your body, adjust accordingly and don’t be afraid to bail on the workout if your body isn’t up to it.

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I could have sworn there was a post from Nate about workouts now being marked as passed, passed but not entirely compliant, and failed…

There are some future possibilities using individual data to personalize plans/workouts. However, the specifics are under development and there is nothing released on when or how this would be used. I wouldn’t worry about it and I’d put all your focus into the workouts. Whatever is decided I can ensure you the intention is not for users to chose a workout based on whether they think they’ll “fail” or not. @Nate_Pearson

Noted. Planning a TR workout later today.

Being in the US, all the OTC medicines are just expensive placebos so I asked my doc what to take to get rid of the mucus. She said that with a driver’s license one can get pseudoephedrine (original Sudafed) which I got and took last night. It cleared me up completely, so I’m ready to rock. Thanks again!

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