Merging 2 workouts into 1?

Hopefully simple question.

I have two workouts approaching. Unfortunately I don’t think I will have the time on Sunday for the workouts.
So I’m thinking of their swapping them in for a 2.5H on Saturday. Or just moving both workouts to the headunit and loading them back to back?

Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 19.56.14

Not sure what the right approach is.

If you are served those in a recovery week (they are of recovery intensity after all) it wouldn’t make sense to stack them.
To me it would make more sense to ditch one of them and replace the other with a longer easy endurance ride. Post ride questionnaire will work better this way, along with less hassle during your ride.


Yeah, I was trying to avoid the adaptive training picking up I skipped a workout and decresing load for next week.

I’d Just pick an alternate. Something like this.

I wouldn’t even bother loading them to the head unit though for endurance like that. Just try and pedal steady at the average power for the entire duration. For a Z2 workout, no difference.


Those seem to be Recovery Week workouts :slight_smile:

Adaptive Training won’t decrease the load for next week if you skip one. Recovery Weeks are meant to be easy rides to get ready for the next block of training. So wether you complete the schedule rides or go on easy unstructured rides it should not affect the upcoming block.

Just make sure to keep things light! Hehe