Advice on Training right after Group Ride

I ended up seeing a Zwift ride for peace that I wanted to participate in today and didn’t have time to try to line up the TR workout to run at the same time. So I just rode for an hour on Zwift.
The scheduled workout for today is Beacon -3 (Mmmm, makes me think of bacon…) , which says it’s Threshold 2.5 / 1:30:00time / 100 TSS / .82 IF. I’m going to go have lunch and wonder whether I should just try this workout? I’m not sure whether I’ve ever ridden two and a half hours in one day on the trainer before.
What is best practice here? Do it? Skip it? I’m guessing I can’t enter the Zwift ride so that the adaptive training will take that into account? Any ideas?

You could search for a outdoors work out and associate it with Zwift. But over Christmas I rode a bit with groups (didnt associate) and skipped the work out knowing that AT will sort it out and it’ll be better fir me than possibly overtraining or failing a workout demorally. Very simple analogy, AT might drop your wo levels initially but as you ace the easier wo’s it’ll up them again and you’ve had no short term overtraining or demoralisation.

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Obviously you’ve had lunch and made a decision either way.

My philosophy on this would be, if you want to ride, go for it. Usually my go to is to do workouts first, then move on to Endurance work, or head outside with mates on the MTB.

With regards 2.5hrs on the trainer, cooling is pretty key (keeping the bibs dry being the biggest thing for long indoor rides, plus the obvious performance benefits at high intensity), hydration, and be prepared that you may get a bit more saddle sore from being in the one position that long.


Thanks for your thoughts on this! I am absolutely going to have to figure out what is going on with my saddle. I managed the 1.5 hours, but the sitting was not pretty. The workout was great though :partying_face:.

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