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Just started trainerroad and I love it. I am out of shape and am finding I tend to be pooped after my Saturday ride, so either fail the Sunday ride, or just dont do it. I am wondering if I replaced it with an endurance ride, how that would impact the adaptive training later in the training program. Of note, I do ALL of my workouts outside as I dont own a trainer

What plan are you on right now? Did you see the notice about the master’s plans which have less intensity - maybe that would be a good fit?


Thanks for responding! Currently on Sweetspot Base. Last week before rest week. I did just see the masters plans and will check it out. Likely switch at end of this block.

Sounds like a mid volume plan if you have a sat and sun workout?

If you’re new, I would suggest doing low volume. You can then add endurance workouts on top via TrainNow if you’re feeling good.

You’ll get more benefit out of nailing less workouts than struggling or skipping workouts due to fatigue.

[Edit]: Also wanted to say, some of the struggle might also be mental. It takes a bit of time for your head to understand that your body can go further than it thinks. With more experience you’ll get more in tune with what different efforts/zones feel like and pretty quickly know if you’re in the weeds or not fatigue wise.

Good luck!

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I do not know the impact on adaptive training but if it will have impact on you - do it. Doing more time on the bike is better than no time on the bike. Even if you decide to ride 2h z1 it will contribute to your fitness.

Do not follow religiously the plan but adapt it to yourself.


Hey there and welcome to the TR community!

Replacing your Sunday workout with an endurance is no problem – in fact, we often recommend it to athletes who would prefer to do so. As @Scheherazade mentioned, we just updated our training plans (masters and non-masters), which feature endurance rides on Sunday now by default. :slight_smile:

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