Missing out mid-week recovery session?

I’ve just started a 6-month plan, beginning with SSB1 MV. Question is - can I just skip (i.e. delete from calendar) all the Wednesday recovery rides? I really don’t think they are necessary for my purposes. I do weights on Wednesday so the legs are a bit tired and I cycle-commute every day so get plenty of Z2.

If I just delete them what effect would that have on an adaptive training plan? I still want the harder rides on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday.

Hey there! Deleting those rides won’t affect the progression of your higher-intensity T/TH/S/S rides. We wrote about these endurance rides recently on our blog; essentially, they’re there to add some comparatively low-fatigue volume and keep you consistent without wearing you out. And if you’re going to skip a workout in your plan, these are the ones to eliminate, especially if it helps you to be more consistent with your other workouts and/or make better use of that time through cross-training, and your strength training certainly fits the bill. There’s a chance that strength training might actually be more fatiguing than the originally-scheduled endurance ride, so listen to your body and make sure not to overdo it. But from an Adaptive Training perspective, you’re free to delete them!

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Excellent! Thanks for the speedy and informative reply. I figured this may have been covered somewhere already but couldn’t find it.