Choose "Correct" Workout to Match Outdoor Ride

Hi everyone,

I´m a bit confused on how to find the correct workout to choose, to move on with my Progression Levels while training outside during the summer.

I had a outside ride with 3:11 Hours and 168 TSS. I selected a workout which I thought is matching based on Ride Style, TSS and Duration.

After the match, I have a Progression of Tempo from 2.4 → 7.2… I´m not sure if this is correct? Does that makes sense?

I hope you have any ideas or recommendations on how to choose the workouts correctly to move on with the progression levels

Thank you

You should do it the other way around. Choose a workout you want to do and then do it outside.

If you are going to match an outdoor ride with a TR workout it is important that your power for each interval is the same or higher than in the TR workout. The durations must also be the same.

Also note that if you extend a rest interval or stop your bike for some reason you make the workout easier because of the extra rest.

If you really want to you can create a custom workout after your ride which matches your ride and match the ride with it.


I really like that idea.
Taking it a step further surely TR can analyse the ride and do exactly that and then give it a PL level

Thanks - I had heard of the new version but didn’t know what it contained

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The only rides/workout I match after the fact are what I would consider “endurance” rides. Or something to get me off the 1.0 floor, which isn’t where I actually am (by knowing my body and performance level better than AI).

So if I were sitting at 2.4 endurance, rode for 3 hours and the average and normalized was in the endurance zone, I’d probably look for a 4.8 or something 2 hour ride to match… I’d also look for a TSS that is considerably lower than the ride I’d completed to account for my stop sign accelerations, the power spikes I wouldn’t have had in a structured indoor ride etc…

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This is mostly what I will do as well. Except sometimes I do an outside ride with a long (25-75 minute) climb where I am doing the same watts for the whole climb so I’ll find a sweet spot or threshold ride that kind of matches up


Thank you all for your inputs and ideas, this really helped me a lot on how to move on in the future with that :slight_smile:

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