Weekend IRL 200km Rides

Not sure if my screenshot will come through on this. But what I’ve tried to do is create a custom workout that “emulates” my repeating Saturday 200km outside “free rides”. 6.5 hours, TSS=389, IF=0.77. I generated a plan, then scheduled this free ride as a repeating workout every Saturday, and deleted the plan’s ~2 hour Saturday rides.

TR didn’t perform any adaptations based on this new high-volume moderate ride. So does this break the Adaptive Training logic? Sunday is a rest day so I should be good by Monday for the next TR workout. Is there a better way to inform TR about my Saturday rides so it takes that into account?


I think TR will only adjust the plan if you put it in as an event instead of a workout.

AT will start to adapt once you get into the plan, based on what impact that ride is having on your fitness/fatigue. I.e. If that ride is leaving you with heavy legs for 3 days that will be reflected in you finding TR workouts hard and/or struggling to complete them, and AT will give you easier workouts. Or if that ride is giving you a fitness boost and you’re progressing faster than expected and finding TR rides easy, then AT will progress you faster.

That makes sense… The subsequent workout feedback will drive adaptations. And the next Ramp Test will recalibrate fitness. Thanks!