Matching an Outdoor Ride to a Workout

2 months into an adaptive plan and now getting outside more.

Yesterday, did 3 hours outside and 45 minutes of that was at sweetspot or above.

TSS was 198. It was a hard ride.

Any suggestions on how you would go about matching this to a workout? I have matched it to “Billy Mitchell” but worried that it has now thrown my future sessions out of kilter???

Billy Mitchell is 100 minutes of SS which is over twice what you rode. It would be better to more closely match the work interval than the overall workout time. I suggest looking for something in the library that is more like 2:15-2:30 with maybe 60 minutes is SS.

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Cheers Derek

I have changed to something more like what you have suggested above. I must have focussed on the TSS rather than the duration in SS when I selected Billy Mitchell before.

Guess the delta in TSS is driven by the fact that my “rests” between SS will be at a higher wattage?

Matching TSS is not as important as matching the actual energy systems and durations that you’re doing in the ride (ie Tempo or Sweet Spot or VO2 max).

Dont worry! ‘Levels V2’ is our next iteration of Adaptive Training that will be able to identify the work you’re doing in those unstructured rides, assign workout levels per energy system, change your Progression Level based upon that ride, and then result in Adaptations of your future workouts if necessary! No more having to hunt for a TR workout that looks similar to the work you did, Adaptive Training will do that work for you.

In the meantime though, focus on the time spent in those systems, not overall TSS. TSS alone isn’t speaking to what you’re doing comprehensively in those rides.


Thanks Ivy