Help finding the matching workout


I just did an outdoor ride which i am struggling to match to an workout. What would your your suggestion be an how is your approach to filter and find the best matching workout. My zone distribution from the unstructured outdoor ride showing here:

Time: 2:30h, TSS 151, IF 0,76

My best pick so far was Meteorite -1, but i am not really happy with this. I know that it is best to focus on zone distribution when trying to find a match, but the workout overview from e.g. Meteorite -1 did not really help me.

Eger to hear your approach on this topic.

Thank you all in advance,


Why is there a need to match it? my best guess would be anything endurance…you might not have stressed the other zones enough for any adaptations.

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I’d just pick an endurance workout with sprints. No need to over-think it. Unless you live somewhere pan flat any outdoor ride is going to have spikes that make it look like you are doing lots of work in the higher zones.


Just wanting to make sure adaptive training can do its thing.

Ok, that seems reasonable. Thank you.

What thing would that be? Genuine question. I see more and more people matching outside workouts without structure to TR workouts, but don’t see the benefit. If you just went out to ride your bike without a plan why try to convince AT that you increased your sweet spot PL?

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I’d just pick an endurance ride with similar time/TSS.

Is there a difference in doing it like this or just leving it as an unplanned ride?

I also use AI FTP Detection, therefore i assume it does make a difference wether to match or not. Even it is an outdoor ride you still get time in different zones which in real life contribute to your personal progression. This is why we will get this feature from TR in the future. Speaking of automatic matching for outdoor rides. In the meantime we are stuck with manually searching for a good match. Yes, Endurance in any case would be the least wrong decission to make, but i was trying to get a better match, that´s why is was asking.

AT doesn’t take unstructured rides into account. I want AT to look at all my rides, so I associate them.

But then AT just asumes you did the associated workout exatly as prescribed, or? Still don’t see the benefit as long as your actual performance is evaluated.

AI FTP Detection consideres unstructured rides as well, so it doesn’t make a difference in that aspect.

Oh, i simply overlooked this. Thank you for the clarification!!!

The danger for me is it adapts to the wrong thing. For instance you didn’t actually do say 20 structured blocks in the SS to stimulate an adaption in your body but AT thinks you have and ramps your PLs up an gives you a subsequent wo that too hard and you fail. You’d hope that AT subsequently adapts and fixes that overestimation of PL’s before overtraining kicks in but psychologically that failure is not ideal.

This thought came to me aswell. I will stick to matching with endurance workouts via TSS and duration and wait for the future automatism.


Cant wait to get this feature out for you all, sorry for the trouble in the meantime. We’re hustling! :wink: