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I’m glad the link I provided worked for you, I had the same thought when I saw people suggesting using a saw blade. You have to be a special kind of crazy.

I talked to a massage therapist about this very question. He specializes on athletes and works on professional and college runners here in Boston. He said it to use the massager for 24 hours after a hard workout, much like a TDF rider doesn’t get a deep tissue massage after stages. So I use mine on my off days and stretch on the nights I workout. He argued that your muscles are attempting to heal after you workout and the massager is breaking up knots and not allowing your muscles to heal.

Hope this helps.

That’s interesting and seems to align with what I’ve experienced: the only time I feel my muscles really craving for a massage is a few days after a super intense workout when they’re really stiff.

Side note, I came across an ad for this gun today. Seems more competitively priced (still by no means cheap) but it’s much quieter!?

I saw the hypervolt being used on the sidelines of an NFL game last weekend (can’t remember which one), and a trainer at my gym had recommended it. To be honest, they all look the same.

Hypervolt has some interesting attachments that I want to copy haha. I looked on their site but you can’t buy the accessories on their own.

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Trigger Point foam roller for back and quads/IT.

Tiger Tail for calves, soleus, focused IT band stuff.

Lacrosse ball for glutes, traps, psoas, shoulders and pecs.

So this kinda gets to the crux of my question; all pro riders DO get massages daily, especially during grand tours.

Seems like there’s a lot of conjecture about timing out there, and not a lot of actual study.

They absolutely do get massages everyday, but they are soft tissue massages trying to flush the muscles out. The Theragun and Hypervolt (and the link I sent) are deep tissue massagers, which is why it’s not recommended after hard workouts.

Massage doesn’t “flush” muscles out; there’s no physiological mechanism to support that and lab tests have shown the same levels of lactic acid present in muscle before and after massage. I’d also challenge that they just getting soft tissue massage.

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What causes an intense tingling of the skin?

While on vacation years ago, a massage therapist ended my massage by rubbing my back with a wet cloth that yielded an intense cool and tingling sensation. It was awesome. I enjoyed it so much, I forgot to ask what it was. Any ideas what it could have been? Thanks!

A couple months ago I found the Hyperice on sale and went for it. I think the action of the Hyperice is quite different from the Theragun or a DIY jigsaw massager.

The Hyperice is much more of a small high speed vibrating movement compared to the larger thumping movement of the Theragun/Jigsaw.

It’s definitely not silent, but it’s quiet enough that I can watch a movie while using it. Overall loving it so far!


I am a Compex user which is similar to Powerdot, I until now I only can say good things about it. I am using it a lot as recovery and feel less tired after hard trainings.

No idea. Maybe something like IcyHot ?

I just tried this and sounds about right.

I think handheld massager also helps alot when you want to do a massage in your daily life.

4" PVC Pipe from home Depot or your local hardware store. That’s for when foam is no longer doing it’s job.

Here has some tips to choose and use massage gun.

How to Choose Deep Tissue Massager

how to use