Massage Tools and Tricks

What massage tools and tricks do you use?

Foam roller - great for back and outside of quads
The Stick - amazing for quads

Hook thing - good for traps

I use one of these…should be called the R8 Torture Device…but it works.


Oh. I have something similar but not quite as threatening as that one.

I use my Girlfriend. Most effective… with added benefits too!


For the most part I just lather up and dig in with thumbs, elbows, forearm or the ankle from the other leg, which is also a good glute-med stretch too.

Rumble roller, good for the hammies.

Grid Stick - when lugging myself around on the floor is too unappealing

(Actually made something similar with two hockey-balls and a roll of electrical tape for £3

Edit: here it is. Does look a bit like a bit questionable in the bedroom :see_no_evil:

I have a Body-Back-Buddy too which is similar to the Thera Cane

If you can find someone who practises Warm Bamboo Massage you are in for a treat, highly recommend. The most effective ‘sports’ massage I’ve ever had.

@craigmanning I have one of those. I really like it, but when I use it on my calf it is hurt my shin. Do you have any tips?

Not really…I have the same problem.

I have this too. My theory is that it hurts so bad when I use it that I feel better after! (But I’m not sure I feel any better than I felt before I started)

Has anyone used the Powerdot?

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Honestly believe I did myself more harm trying to use something called a Tiger Tail. After that incident, I see a masseuse.

Is that the jig saw looking one?
They sell an adapter for an actual jigsaw for around 50$. That tool is just annoyingly loud but it looks like it would cut the competition in half…

No, it’s the one Lance is hawking

Anybody tried one of these?

I’m getting hit hard with social media ads for them. Looked at some reviews on Amazon and they said it’s REALLY loud… like construction noise loud.

i made my own 12 months ago, funny to see the social fad as everyone is trying to hawk them online.
they are just cheap jigsaws for construction so yeah they are loud.

i made my adapter out of the end of a rubber cupcake rolling pin from a craft store for under $30 with a kijiji battery operated jigsaw.

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The Pure Wave percussion massager is great. The CM7 has a number of different heads for different applications.

I made my own “theragun” using these instructions. It’s amazing

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My other go-to tool:

Honestly I don’t go anywhere without my Heskiers, lacrosse ball and softball. They pack up super easily and are perfect for race weekends or vacation. I even throw in my back pocket on longer spring rides just to strip out muscles during a mid-ride coffee stop. Makes a world of difference.

Omg, this is amazing! Thanks for sharing. I’m totally gonna try this - will post back with results. Can’t believe Theragun is charging $600 for the same exact thing.

A DA (Dual Action) Machine Polisher isn’t a bad shout either for the mechanically assisted.

I used the same set of instructions that Zmontalto did above, and have been extremely happy with the results. Use it daily.

I too was getting hammered with the ads, and figured hey, worst case I end up with a jig/reciprocating saw I can use around the house. Many of the instructions that I saw recommended using a jigsaw blade and epoxying a golf ball onto the tip, which seems extraoirindarily unsafe. Those blades were not designed to have static loads pinned to the end of them, and the consqequence of failure would be catstrophic.

Anyway, longwinded way of getting to a question…which is the TIMING of the massage.

I usually workout around lunch, and I’ve been doing my massage work at night before bed. Would there be any benefit to moving up that recovery? Anyone have any experience?

I Google’d around, but the closest studies that I could find were comparing effect of massage vs. none, or massage vs. massage 2 weeks later.

More on massage in general:
A 2012 study found that it promoted the biogenesis of mitochondria.

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