How good or bad is Powerdot for recovery?

How good or bad is powerdot for recovery. Better than roller or rapid reboot? What are the differences amd if we need more than one of these items for a good recovery

Jury is still out for me. I bought one about a week ago. I’ve used an older tems device for my ankle that has a plate and screws so I decided to give this a try.
I’ve mostly used the massage and a few recovery sessions. It’s a well made product and app. It has a lot of different options. If you’ve used an older tems device, this is just nicer and more convenient with less wires.
The pad life is pretty short so I’ll be ordering new pads at least bimonthly and I think they charge $18 for a set of two.
Just for fun I used the warmup/potentiation routine on my quads, hamstrings, and calf muscles last night before a ramp test. I wouldn’t say it’s better than static stretching alone but I did have that “good legs” sensation when I started the test.
If you pick one up let me know what you think and how you use it.

I’ve been experiencing some moderate to severe patella tendonitis and the power dot knee program actually seems to be accelerating recovery. I also do a quad massage program that loosens up my quads and seems to be helping. So far no complaints

I’ve been using one after workouts using the recovery program, usually on my quads but calf’s as well sometimes.
I’ve nothing to compare it with but haven’t been waking with sore legs the day after tough workouts.
Regarding pad life I think it’s quite personal. I’m still on my first set and have used them 30+ times and they’re still nice and sticky. My wife has her own pads but shares my PowerDot device and after only a couple of uses on her shoulders/neck and I’m noticing they’re not sticking very well. I think it really does depend on your skin type, I’m also post workout shower when ever I use mine which I think helps.

Has anybody with body hair used this? I’m pretty hairy and I’m afraid that the pads won’t make good contact through it and don’t feel up to shaving every application point.

You should be keeping the guns clean and shiny anyway :wink:

I’ve been using a Marco Pro device for two years on and off. I find it helps a bit, but its a hassle as well. Mainly because once it’s on and working you can’t really do anything for 30min or so.

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Yeah, I was hoping for something I could do while sitting at my desk or on the couch. Even if the yield is low, I’m a sucker for gadgets so I’d probably get a kick out of it regardless.

I use one while at work under dress pants. I have hairy legs and it hasn’t been an issue other than the pads wearing out faster.


Thanks! Do you usually do the recovery programs or have you messed with any of the other stuff? Seen any improvements?

Just recovery. Honestly, I am not sure if it works. I just got it a few weeks ago. I ride in the morning, then go to work and use it. Afterwards my legs feel completely shattered but then feel better than expected the next morning. Could be placebo, who knows. I will continue to use it until someone at work notices the pulsing coming from my calves and sends an email to HR…


Tried any muscle groups besides the calves? I’m most interested in it for my quads probably.

Anybody using these in combination with the NormaTec boots?

I do quads and calves. I did my hip once but more out of curiosity.

Has anyone else besides @boydwhite53 used this for injury recovery specifically? I have a nagging calf strain that’s been lingering for over a year. I don’t expect it to be a miracle, but could I expect accelerated injury recovery from a PowerDot or any stim machine for that matter? I’m willing to try anything at this point.

I have a similar issue, at the top of my calf muscle, near where it would attach to the joint. While I have not confirmed it via MRI, at Orthopedic friend evaluated it and thinks it could be a “baker’s cyst”. More of a minor annoyance at this point, so I’m ignoring it…

@wbendus That’s exactly where it started. I rested last year from Jan 20th until the end of April and slowly worked it back up. I also didn’t get an MRI, but did PT and deep tissue massage and cupping. The massage and cupping seems to have helped the most (probably along with rest). I got zero benefit from PT. At the end of the day, no defined diagnosis.

Finished my season in November and jumped back on the trainer and hit the gym. Well…I’ve strained it again. Not as bad as before…as I can still train. Just nagging. Currently, back to massage as it’s been going on now for about 2 weeks. Considering the cost of massage, I only do 30 mins every two weeks. Was wondering if stim/PowerDot would be a good supplement between sessions.

I bought one and have had it for about a month. When I first got it I made a YT video and tried to murder my quads to really test it’s recovery ability, I’ll throw the link down below in case you want to see my first impressions. I plan to do an update video in the next week or two to put my thoughts on it since.

I do think it helps a very small amount. I’ve used it on my quads mainly but also on hamstrings, glutes, and my bicep. I woke up one day and my bicep hurt pretty bad, I put it on there and afterwards the pain was nearly gone. My husband tried it on his neck that was hurting and he said it made no difference. I really think it probably depends on the issue.

My glutes were really sore after a strength workout (kind of weird sticking it to your butt). But, I do think it helped with the soreness in that area.

I’ve used it as a warmup several times and I actually feel a bit more ready to go, but nothing beyond having rode around for a few minutes.

I hope to try some of the “strength” programming with it next.

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Run water over the pads or wipe with alcohol. Storing in a freezer also helps.

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i have air relax boots that i love. but i only get to use a couple times/week because of splitting bed time nights for my two year old with my wife.

i feel like powerdot is a more mobile and time friendly option for me that i could also use when i cant get to my air relax boots.

thoughts/opinions/experience? and to be honest ive already ordered them. i start build phase next week and am trying to prepare. 16 weeks til xc marathon nats.

I enjoyed that video. Thanks for sharing it.

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