Massage Effectiveness

Curious how many users do regular sports massage, and how they feel about the value of it?

Obviously most of us have pretty packed lives and non-unlimited budgets, so a daily rub down isn’t in the cards, but maybe weekly or so? Upping my volume again this year, and coupled with age, looking for any recovery tool that would help.

Speak nicely to my wife occasionally if legs v sore but that’s about it!


I go about once a month.

…And my RMT always tells me I don’t stretch enough.

That’s probably true for most of us!

I have someone who comes into our office once a month and does my back or legs depending on how I feel, I usually squeal when she does my calves but I definitely can feel the difference. In between I do it myself but nowhere near as good, and a foam roller on my calves :grimacing:

I used to be lucky enough to have massage at the end of races which was great! (my employer sponsored a ladies race team at the time)

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Not exactly massage, but I use Normatec boots after hard workouts. I do think they help reduce DOMS and generally make your legs feel better. Whether that translates to better performance and recovery is another thing, but the mental benefit is worth it to me.

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I used to get one once a month when I first started seriously training. Now though I don’t quite as often. I do nightly foam roll though, and every masseuse has said they can tell. A foam roller can’t get everything though so I am probably going to try and schedule a nice massage on my recovery weeks. It used to be part of my recovery week/pre-race ritual. I was seeing a chiro at the time too, but she was more of a sports therapist too since she would use a tens unit for my back sometimes, and would also do ART therapy when I had an Achilles tendinitis.

Same. I have some Air Relax legs and I used them after and before four straight days of crit racing. By day four I felt the strongest. Also was using amp cream.
Obviously things like eating well, getting all of the sleep, right protein at the right time, and proper fueling are the gold standard; but the boots I think help - mentally and hopefully more.

I’ve done normal massage at a spa (relaxing but doesn’t really get to the root of leg soreness), sports massage (OMG this hurts, I want to die, but after is nice) and a few other things in between

The best thing I have found is The Stick (Amazon link). Honestly this thing is a game changer. It is similar to foam rollers (it’s not foam, it’s hard) but you don’t need to do all the odd positions to get all the spots, especially for the tops of my thighs and hips (quite effective dealing with minor Patellar Tendonitis). I go with the 17" (In the link above) one as I travel with it now (in my bike bag) but I bet the larger one is just as good (if not better for leverage). It allows me to hit both broad areas as well as pinpoint and dig into the knots.

As I said, total game changer for me and recovery after big rides. The best $30 USD I’ve spent in a while.

Combined with some yoga/stretching for the legs/hips/core… it is amazing.

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+1 on the once a month hour long session. I always need it… So it is a reoccurring expense that can be planned/budgeted for. I’d go more often if I could.

and… +1 on the not stretching enough too.

The ‘stick’ and foam rollers are OK for in-between times. Again… I don’t use them enough either. A solid squash ball is good for getting in deep place neither the stick or roller can access.