Managing the speed of weight loss

As many of you, I have gained a few kg over Christmas. Last season my training weight was around 74 kg. Then came a 2-week business trip at the end of October and subsequent flu (courtesy of my kids), which ended last season. I peaked at 77.4 kg (at 19 % body fat) on 1 January. Simply through cutting back at breakfast I managed to lose a little over 2 kg and 3 % body fat). I’d like to get to around 73 kg (72.5–73.5 kg).

But the speed of weight loss has me a bit worried, I don’t want it to impact my training. I have added some snacks and extra food after I had trouble sleeping at night as I was too hungry. I also meticulously fuel my rides, mostly with around 100 g/h, although I have been adding a little extra (I just keep a jar of gummi bears around in addition to my liquid calories).

What should I watch out for?

I am not on a strict schedule (i. e. I need to lose x kg within the next few months), I just know that getting out of homeostasis sucks, and I’d like to just keep my weight once I am within the range I am aiming for. In the past that was not a problem during the season by intuitive eating.

If you’re not currently debilitated during workouts you’re probably fine. Just resume normal eating. What’s done is done; honestly the flu was an additional stressor for your body and you could have just been retaining a lot of water weight. Or any number of other factors.

Sounds like you’re back in your normal range, so just keep fueling your workouts, don’t eat cereal at 9pm (I’m guilty) and you’ll weigh whatever you weigh!

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If you aren’t overly hungry and can do your workouts, don’t worry about it.

Holiday weight always comes off fast.
I’ve lost almost five kg in three weeks and feel fine. lol.

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I went from 145 to 139 real quick. Just by tracking calories. Feel better than ever. My only advice is go hard on protein and lift weights.

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Yeah, that’s something I try to do: the snacks I add are high in protein (e. g. boiled eggs or protein-rich yogurt).

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The initial quick loss is usually just water and is normal. Even so 2kg/month is a fine rate of loss. If you’re not feeling too rundown just keep at it.

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