Going back to race weight: when should I aim to lose weight?

This week I will finally start my 2020 training block, and I am also thinking about cutting weight over time. During my offseason I have gained 2.5 kg (71.5-72.0 kg race weight to 74.5 kg currently at 1.78 m), and my scale claims that weight gain is due to fat, but there was no loss of muscle mass.

What is my best strategy to lose weight, given that Christmas and New Year are right around the corner? I know I can lose the weight over that period, but I am wondering whether it is smart to enjoy December (within reason, I’ll be monitoring my weight) and then start focussing on losing weight afterwards? I am also asking because illness was a major issue last season (I have a toddler at home), and I was wondering whether my immune system might be more robust if I don’t drop my weight too early.

you’ll probably be able to lose that much weight over the course of a full training plan. Just pay attention to your intake over the holidays and don’t go overboard.

If you drop weight too aggressively you’re probably underfueling your workouts and you’re gains will suffer, and could also effect your immune system as you’re body has limited resources to go around.

Fuel your workouts, eat till your full (but don’t overeat) and eat everything. You’ll drop that offseason weight and will be stronger for it.

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At this point, I would just actively focus on maintaining weight until after New Years and then let the increase in training intensity lean you out back towards your race weight.

IME, the best time to lose weight is actually right after you’ve recovered from your A race/peak for the year, but before you go into the offseason.


when’s your first race? Curious, as to then when intense training sessions will occur? ENjoy the holidays, but dont put on more weight, and if you can, just nail some longer endurance rides and don’t eat the last 90-`120m of them to lean up. Better to do it now than wait until later when you need to truly be refueling for workouts

ps, nothing tastes as good as fast feels