Advice for weight loss

Hello all

Looking to loose some weight to improve my overall speed on the road. Im a heavy rider at 95kg and 6 foot 2. I wouldn’t mind being about 90kg as a new goal weight, my question is I’m currently training for a gran fondo using the plan builder which is probably going to be cancelled due to the current situation. Would I be better on a different plan focused more on weight loss than FTP building? Any advice would be great.


Spot on thanks for them I’ll have a read through them. Need to get use to the forum and how to find these posts.

You’re welcome. Just hit the magnifying glass icon at the top right of the screen (if you’re using a desktop PC). You’ll be amazed how many times some topics have been covered.

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Okay great I’ll try that. nice to have an active forum to help out from time to time though. Thanks for the advice.

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Here is my “Search” guide: