Making the most of 8 weeks’ leave

Taking a break from festivities to think about training for the coming 8 weeks. I’ve just quit my job so have an one-off opportunity to take a step up in fitness before the next job (with much less-crazy hours) starts.

I’m coming off a sporadic/low weekly TSS base but I’ve historically done some big weeks in Mallorca and been fine (but never sustained at this volume). I’ve also historically done two PT strength sessions a week, but not for a few months.

I’d like to include gym work at some point but I’m thinking I might save that for when I restart work (good for lunchtime workouts) and use the 8 weeks to do SSB HV, playing-by-ear on the volume and easing up if I start to feel tired.

Does this seem like an ok plan or would you always ramp up the volume using SSB LV and MV? Is it ok to leave the gym work until March and just focus on cycling for now?

Any advice gratefully received as I really want to make the most of the next two months.

Thanks and happy holidays / happy Christmas :uk:

Lots of options but a few important things to consider. First, you likely will be able to get much better and consistent rest/sleep during your time off. This is going to have a big impact in your ability to recover, so a step up in training volume is likely very feasible. The second thing is you also are likely going to have more time to focus on nutrition. I don’t know how you were eating with the busy job, but it is not unusual to struggle with meals when very busy.

Based on what you had been doing, I’d suggest the SSB MV plan and then look to include some strength training and possible some yoga/stretching routines in as well. If the weather is cooperative, perhaps a few nice outdoor rides could be mixed in too. That would give you a solid foundation when things “get real” again once you start your new job.

Best of luck and update how things are going!


Agreed, MV is probably plenty of a jump.

If you wanted to do one or two heavy weeks, a bigger jump might work. But to hold for 8 weeks, I think you need to be more conservative.

No more than a 25% jump in TSS, and more likely 10-20% to be safe.