Break in training with cycling holiday

Completed 3 weeks of SSB2LV. I had a week staycation so rode outdoors for a week. My tss was around 600 whereas on the training plan I was hitting 300ish and increasing as they plan. Can I just resume weeks 4-6 or will I need some more recovery time after doubling the TSS right in the middle of a plan? My last ride from Saturday, so maybe its ok to resume back on Tuesday as normal as that would be 2 full days off and all day Tuesday to workout in the evening after work as usual? Thanks

I’d say it depends how hard you hit that TSS.

If you were mostly zone 2 power, less that 75-80% max heart rate, just riding around and not doing any major efforts, then you just need a little break from volume. Maybe reduce Tuesday’s session with Pettit if your legs are feeling fatigued.

If that 600 TSS was achieved with a lot of hard, over-threshold efforts, then maybe a week of Z2 endurance rides (like Pettit) will help you recover before resuming SSB the week after.

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Ok thanks, yes I dug myself into -45 TSB went to -35TSB and then put myself back at -43TSB! Last ride was Saturday and today is Wednesday with a TSB of -12. I swapped the VO2 max Tuesday workout for Wednesday Pettit and will commence with the usual sessions on Thursday and Saturday. Yes they were Epic climbing rides!