Making sure I am on the right track with my training

I am a cross country MTB rider, relatively new to indoor training, using a wahoo kickr with a flat bar roadie, all rides using ERG mode.
I have completed the Sweet Spot base plans (2x 6 weeks), both at mid volume. My FTP at the start was calculated at 190 through a ramp test. The ramp test at the start of the second 6-week block resulted in an FTP improvement to 208.
I have just started the Short Power Build plan, mid volume, and the initial ramp test is showing my FTP at 228.
Sidenote: I have stuck to the training plans fairly religiously, usually switching the longer weekend rides for outdoor MTB trail rides. My MTB does not have a power meter, but I am certainly feeling stronger.
The first “real” ride of the current plan Pierce-4 was last night. I managed to complete the ride, maintaining a cadence of between 88 and 95 throughout all segments. My legs were fatigued at the end of the ride, but I am absolutely fine this morning. At no point during the ride did my heart rate go above 140. When I ride on the trails, my avg heartrate is generally around 140.

My indoor riding experience feels so different to outdoors. Whilst I definitely feel stronger/fitter on the trails, I am concerned that something may not be set up correctly. Is my FTP too low? Although my FTP was is set at 228, I was able to make it up to the 311w level during the ramp test.

I’d appreciate whatever advice you can give :slight_smile:

Seems fine to me. The approximate FTP from a ramp test is approximately 75% of your last 1minute step (maybe 0.75 x 311 = 233w at the most depending by what you mean by reaching). You feel the burn on/ immediately after a turbo session but not overly the next day is pretty normal too IME. That you are not hitting your outdoors average HR indoors is pretty explainable too. The unstructured nature of rides outdoors (perhaps in a hotter environment, depending on your cooling/hydration indoors) can push your HR up more. It does suggest that down the line you can push that wee bit harder to raise your FTP more but let another Ramp determine that in due time, they come round soon enough :wink::+1:

Thanks for the feedback.
I am definitely seeing performance improvements, but i was concerned that it was simply due to exercising 5 days a week.
I’ll keep at it.

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