Make SIS BETA fuel yourself just a few pence per bottle

Reckon doing a double dose of SIS go in a litre bottle would be a good idea? That would be 72g of carbs & 292 calories in a litre bottle

So Skratch labs has their sport drink mix on Amazon for around 19 us dollars for the small container it comes out to 1.50 per session (scoop and a half) for an hour for me. Does not sound like a significant savings or am I missing something? Maybe I’m not taking in enough during my ride.

Based on the label, it is only 20g of carbs per serving. At 1.5 scoops, you’re getting 30g of carbs. In theory there’s room for another 60g of carbs per hour, but only if you feel you need it.

I had been using a mix with 72g of carbs and recently bumped it up to 90g - definitely helps.

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I think Skratch’s “equivalent” is the Super Fuel

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Based on carb content of 100g I would agree. $39.50 for 8 servings is just under $5 per serving.

SKRATCH LABS Sport Hydration Drink Mix (20g carbs, 380mg sodium) looks like more of a hydration drink on par with Precision Hydration 500 (18g of carbs, 500 mg sodium).

In theory doubling Sis Go Electrolyte would get you to 72g of carbs, but also 1000mg of sodium. If you lose a lot of electrolytes when you sweat then no problem. Too much sodium could cause GI issues (for me that happens at 1500mg).

Right now it is 25% off, so $30 (USD) for 40 servings. If you double them then it is $30 for 20 servings, or $1.50 per serving - on par with some of the recipes above that use Nuun or PH for electrolyte, but still more expensive than if you just use sodium citrate.

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So any issue straying from the 2:1` and doing something like 60g maltodextrin and 5-10g fructose to get a decent amount of carbs without it being overly sweet? Gonna try a Nuun tab for electrolytes.

No issues. From what I understand of the research, most people can absorb at most around 60g of malto per hour. Fructose gets absorbed via a different pathway for up to an additional 30g per hour. That totals 90g per hour max (again, for most people, but @Jonathan has worked himself up to 120g per hour). You can certainly go less.

FWIW, I started making my own mixes and have tried both Nuun tabs and PH500 packets with 90g of carbs - both tasted great and worked well to fuel my workouts.

I just ordered some BCAAs to see if that also helps. My previous custom mix from Infinit Nutrition had some and there appears to be some research suggesting that BCAAs help fight feelings of fatigue and assist with energy transport to the muscles. Powder won’t be here until early Jan, though, so I have to wait a few weeks to see if there is a noticeable difference.


I think you meant Nate

Thanks for the detailed responses man! really do help :grin:

Seems SiS has 40-50% off sales pretty much all the time - anything that makes this better than BETA? Reduced packaging/waste aside…

If you can find SiS Beta for about $1(USD) per sachet then I’d recommend going for it. Otherwise it can be cheaper to make it yourself, especially if you use sodium citrate instead of Nuun, PH, or any other electrolyte product.

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Have you or anyone here used corn starch en lieu of malto with any success?

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No, I have not tried corn starch. A quick search mentioned differences in short and long chain molecules. At a minimum I recommend looking at how quickly the energy can be absorbed.

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I have played around with my mix and do one part table sugar, 1 part dextrose, 1 part gatorade and then some salt This cuts my cost a bit (table sugar is cheap) and I don’t have any stomach complaints.


I purchased a tub of this:

and mixed it with 60g of Gatorade mix+salt. It’s worked well but this Maltodextrin has been super hard to mix. Anyone have a suggestion for a specific Malto powder that mixes better?

I have to use hot water to mix high concentration of Malto. I just run the coffee maker into a shaker bottle with the 2:1 mix in it and then shake it while it’s super hot (note: it expands and will spray a bit, so be careful when you pop the lid open).

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30g of mix in a 24oz bottle is high concentration? I think if i gotta go to that trouble i’ll just keep spending money on mix.

I put 60g of Maltodextrine and 30g of Fructose in a 21oz bottle.

Having said that, you asked how to mix maltodextrine. The answer is hot water. I don’t see that as “going to that much trouble”.