Easy Nutrition Tips, Multi-Day Pacing, Race Anxiety and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 357

Ivy and Nate join Coach Jonathan for multiple questions on nutrition that will give you actionable tips for big improvements, as well as discussions on multi-day event pacing, race anxiety, and new possible podcast host events and challenges!

Tune in Thursday at 8:00am Pacific!

Youtube Live Video:

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • Dropper posts and other innovations in bike racing

  • What challenges/races should the podcast hosts do next?

  • How to manage pre-race anxiety

  • How to pace yourself during multi-day rides and stage races

  • How to regulate your hydration intake when using a hydration pack?

  • Practical nutrition tips that deliver big improvements

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please don’t forget to discuss, are both Nate and Jonathan growing a mustache?


Very excited about the return of Chad and Nate to weekly Pod’s.

Podcast Crew Challenges sound awesome as well. Ivy and Jonathan are gonna rip!


  • chapter markers for TR in my podcast app (overcast)
  • @Nate_Pearson (and Chad) aiming for more regular podcast appearance
  • Nate open with TR roadmap
  • Nate focusing on TR dev…
  • …while also talking about some potential TR host challenges

A lot of checkboxes checked (for a long time listener)! Thanks!

(While still in remote setting…I note that Nate has made a habit of quickly saying “go ahead” when he and another host start speaking at the same time in order to let the other host continue and immediately keep the conversation going. A good practice.)


With the roll out of the more complete integration of unstructured outdoor rides with AT, how will that work for those of us without power meters? Would it look more closely at Strava data etc?



We forgot a Challenge @Jonathan - @Nate_Pearson and @ambermalika on the Tandem

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Yay for Chaptermarkers for the regular podcast. It‘s a thing and rather easy to accomplish, for example with this: Forecast: Podcast MP3 Chapter Encoder — Overcast (But I guess you already have a workflow laid out)

Also, has nobody picked up on them calling out the use of TR by ONE OF THE FACES OF THE ZWIFT AD-CAMPAIGN LAST SUMMER? (Mathieu van der Poel)? :joy: Small dig to light the fire under recent discussions again?


One of my questions for the podcast was going to be “why don’t more pros use TR?”, glad it’s been answered!

Keep in mind that using it for a workout player and using the training plans are potentially separate items. I know there are plenty of TR users that don’t follow actual plans, but value the workout player and large workout library while doing their own plans or those done from external coaches.


I like the advice for pacing rollers that TR gave during this podcast. I call it ‘Revenge of the Lard Butt’…most group rides go along at a low-Tempo pace but hammer it up a hill. So we might be rolling along at 210W but when we hit a hill all of a sudden we’re hammering at 350W+.

Since I’m a lard butt I don’t like my nice tempo rides interrupted by VO2max efforts. So if the group is doing 350W on the uphill I make sure to drive it at 70% or 80% of 350W on the downhill. A lard butt can get going pretty fast on the downhill riding at the low end of sweet spot.

After four or five hills in this fashion, the ride will settle right down.

Currently listening to the Leadville Pod and our very own deep diver is on. This reminds me, @Nate_Pearson and @Jonathan you guys might still owe @chad a support crewing for a Leadville attempt?

(I also think Amber would kick butt at Leadville)