Pro Pacing, Sleep Drugs, Trivia, and More - Ask a Cycling Coach 387

Today at 8am PST: the very first addition of Ask a Cycling Coach Trivia, featuring Ryan Standish! Join us!

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Does Cryotherapy Make You a Faster Cyclist? | Cycling Science Explained


  • 0:00 Welcome!
  • 0:52 How to manage nutrition without food tracking
  • 19:10 Ry Guy Rapid Fire!
  • 27:24 What is the best cross-training sport for cyclists?
  • 32:42 What cycling discipline requires the least amount of training time to be competitive?
  • 40:12 How to optimize your sleep without drugs
  • 50:08 Cycling Trivia!!!
  • 01:09:31 Can muscular people still be good cyclists?
  • 1:22:42 Are you pacing your efforts wrong?
  • 01:31:54 Training for a 10hr race on limited time

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@IvyAudrain I was totally with you on the misreading of the hours of podcast time trivia question!


Just finished the Pod, @Jonathan Mentioned he’s changing to longer travel, but I didn’t hear if he mentioned which model.

Presumably confirming Epic Evo?

@Jonathan Don’t tease me :joy:


Love the podcast! Love the platform!

Just in case anyone is interested “Maintenance Phase” is a witty and interesting podcast. It provides a different perspective on dieting.

There is also an episode on the Matthew Walker book mentioned in this Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast.

Disclaimer - I’m not saying I agree with all the opinions shared on the Maintenance Phase podcast, or representing that the hosts are consistently accurate. Hearing an alternative perspetive can be refreshing or thought provoking though.

Thanks for reminding me, I meant to post this when I got round to it :+1:

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Great episode (as always).

One quick note - whenever anyone mentions logging food for weight loss on the show, they’re quickly advised to focus on other issues. While I recognize no approach works for everyone, and that the line between careful tracking and obsession can get blurry, I think you may be a little too quick to dismiss tracking.
FWIW, in 2010, I weighted 325 lbs, was diabetic, and had a host of other growing health concerns. By 2013 (using tracking and exercise), I reversed my diabetes, resolved my other health issues, hit my goal weight of 165, and started racing bikes. I’ve maintained my weight within 10 lbs of that level in the 9 years since, and have progressed from the fastest guy in the grupetto to the slowest guy in the peloton. My primary tool has been logging, and that has provided me with a MUCH better understanding of what works and doesn’t work for my body and my performance than I’d have otherwise. It has also proven educational, given that I had a lot of misconceptions about foods and macros.
FWIW, it is worth noting that I don’t weigh foods. Logging everything and daily weigh ins helped me to improve my ability to estimate size and weight, and years of successful weight maintenance and performance increases are evidence that it works.
I know the approach isn’t for everyone, and my experience is decidedly an n=1 study, but I hope you can take a slightly more balanced approach in the future.
Thanks for putting out a great product and an enjoyable podcast.