Long Term Training Plan after Injury Return

I am new to using structured training on a long term basis. Previously I had developed my skills mainly by just riding on the road. My situation is as follows- I am 58 and a year ago my tested FTP was 283W. A couple of months after that test I had a hip injury as was off the bike entirely for roughly nine months. When I got the all clear to ride again I decided to use TR to regain my lost fitness. Right at the start my FTP had dropped to about 200W. I am just about to complete SSB2 and I am going to go on to general power build. My FTP has risen back to about 230W. My question is this - what happens after general build? What do I do next? What about the next six months? I will probably be doing TR and outdoor riding together at that time. Do I stay on some sort of build plan? Just more base? I don’t have any particular event goals at this time. I am just trying to get back to where I used to be.

You have loads of options and it all comes down to your goals!! Do you have an event you want to target?

Some options

  1. Another round of base followed by build. Depending on your time constraints and general desire you could go from LV to MV if you did LV last time.
  2. A different build program.
  3. Do a speciality anyway… just pick one that seems fun.
  4. Enjoy your fitness on the road for spring and summer and don’t stress too much (especially if you dont have a defined goal event).

What I usually do during spring and summer is substitute in (hard) group rides for the TR workouts on a given day. If it’s a day I can’t or won’t do the group ride then I’ll do the ride in whatever plan I have in the calendar.

Hey there!

We recommend the full Base > Build >Specialty progression for all of our racers, even if you don’t have a specific target event. The periodized process helps to vary the stimulus experienced by your body, helping you to get faster. Even though you’re not racing, I have a feeling that getting faster is one of your goals :wink:

To further extend your training season, you’ll do what is called a “re-build”, where you revisit the Build and Specialty Phases. This will look like this:

Base ----------(12 Weeks)
Build----------(8 Weeks)
Specialty----(8 Weeks)
Build----------(8 Weeks)
Specialty----(8 Weeks)

This should take you through the length of your season, at which point you’ll take a little time of before starting the cycle over again :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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