Help on long range goals

I’ve ridden bikes for 25+ years, doing a number of long rides and races. Did structured training once a decade ago.

Have not ridden much in past few years and certainly not ridden hard.

This winter decided to try TR and shocked by how much I enjoy it—especially progression levels, AI FTP, adaptive training, and this collaborative forum.

Completed Mid volume SSB1+2. 5’10”, weight has gone from 83 to 80kg and ftp from 290 to 334. I’m happy with FTP progression, but weight is dropping slower than I’d like—would love to get back down to low 70s.

Anyway, the only events I even somewhat care about are in the fall, so I have plenty of time.

Should I repeat SSB1+2 or go into a build phase if I don’t have any events on the horizon and mostly want to reduce weight? I’m very happy riding sweet spot, so not worried about getting bored.

Thanks so much for any ideas.

I’d go through a full build and specialty phase and then do ssb again. There’s plenty of time and I have been getting better body composition with the higher intensity, though it requires more fueling so weight won’t drop much.

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You could use plan builder and it’ll create a plan for you.


You might want to take a look at the Traditional Base plans rather than SSB. The lower intensity of these workouts requires less on-the-bike fueling, and may be more compatible with weight loss.

As TB is 3 x 4 week phases, you don’t need to go through all 3 phases, just 1 & 2 before going back to SSB.

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